10 Tips To Replace your Doors and Windows

Replace doors and windows

Replacing doors and windows can represent, for some, an exciting project, while for others, a rather daunting task. Regardless, this type of renovation work must be well-planned-out.

Here are 10 tips to guide you.

Manufacturer Warranty
10. Read (and Understand!) the Warranty.

Every door and window supplier offers, in theory, a warranty. What are the terms? And their duration? Reputable manufacturers do not hesitate to offer a 20-year limited warranty on fabrication. The duration of the terms may vary according to the material, paint, and finishing. Check also whether the warranty changes depending on who carries out the installation (a specialized installer vs. yourself).

9. Dare to change.

If you must replace your doors and windows, why not take advantage of this situation and change your windows’ model, style, colour, or size? Seize this opportunity to rejuvenate the look of your house or bring about a more contemporary look with some sleek and stylized models. Or, why not widen your openings to enhance natural lighting, recognized to improve well-being and comfort?

Door Sales Representative
8. Ask for the Help of a Professional Sales Representative.

One of the advantages of doing business with a specialized door and window manufacturer is the easy and quick access to a team of professional sales representatives. They know their products inside out and can wisely advise you throughout the entire buying process as well as provide you with a complete and reliable quote. Competent sales representatives take delight in offering an enjoyable purchasing experience, with no bad surprises.

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7. Check with Your Municipality.

Renovation work such as the replacement of an entry door or the replacement of windows often requires you to apply for a permit. Before purchasing any products, make sure to contact your local municipality to familiarize yourself with their urbanistic requirements and timelines involved. Some renovation projects might need to be assessed by a Planning Advisory Committee, which could lead to further delays or constraints.

Municipality Renovations
6. Compare the Benefits of Double Vs. Triple-Glazed Windows.

Glazing refers to the transparent material used in a window, typically glass. Double-glazed “thermopane” windows contain two panes of glass separated by a spacer, creating a space that can be filled with air or a special insulating inert gas. A fine low-emissivity metallic coating can also be inserted. Triple-glazed windows are, for their part, made of three panes of glass and two air spaces. Note that, for housing units located in the South of Québec, double-glazed windows made of an insulating spacer with a Low-E coating and filled with an inert gas represent, more often than not, the best overall value, in addition to adequately meeting this region’s energy efficiency criteria.

5. Invest in a Premium Entry Door.

Each year, the magazine Remodeling produces a “Cost Vs. Value” report comparing various renovation projects and the value they retained at resale. In 2018, a new steel front door represented a total cost recouped of 91.3%. This means that premium entry doors do not lose much value over time; enhancing curb appeal and improving both safety and comfort, their value holds well.

4. Look for Quality Products for Top Durability.

Thanks to their high-quality material, precise factory assembly, and refined design, premium fenestration products guarantee durability. High-performance products manufactured by specialized door and window makers provide lasting comfort and safety. For a front entry door, consider 24- or 22-gauge steel or fiberglass, or select a paint that is ultra resistant to inclement weather and impacts.

3. Opt for Turnkey Service.

Renovating is not your thing? You dream of a hassle-free, worry-free renovation experience? Ask for a specialized manufacturer’s turnkey service. Their team of experts will gladly accompany you throughout the entire process, from their sales representatives to their designers and professional installers. Putting your trust in experienced professionals is the best way to avoid all kinds of problems.

Turnkey Service
Professional installers
2. Hire Professional Installers.

The final performance of any fenestration products depends as much on the quality of the installation as the quality of the product itself. Even the world’s best entry doors, if poorly installed, will allow air leaks. Let’s not forget that doors and windows constitute the challenge-point of any house’s exterior envelope. For optimal safety and comfort, they must absolutely be properly installed, preferably by RBQ-certified installers.

1. Achieve Economies of Scale.

Yes, indeed! By choosing to replace all of your exterior doors and windows at once and from the same provider, you will definitely achieve economies of scale. Firstly, providers will be keener to negotiate and offer attractive discounts. Secondly, your energy cost will suddenly be significantly reduced, thanks to your fenestration’s overall heightened performance. And, thirdly, you will be able to benefit better from the Gouvernement du Québec’s RénoVert Tax Credit, applicable on eco-friendly home renovation work. Currently, the maximum amount you can claim is $10,000, which represents 20% of the portion of your expenses exceeding the first non-admissible $2,500 and paid between March 17, 2016 and January 1, 2020. Definitely worth considering! Note that the eligibility period for recognized renovation work has been extended to March 31, 2019 (deadline for contract signature).

Economies of scale

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