There are so many things to decide when replacing an entry door system that it is easy to get lost in the process : Door design, decorative glass model, color, finish, etc… A lot of choices to be made for just one product !

And to make matters worst, before you are done with configuring your door system, you will have to choose your hardware : handleset, hinges, knocker among other things. In most cases, this is where it gets complicated especially if we want to match colors because each component comes from adifferent manufacturer which works with their own coding system. So, in order to help you make sense of all this, We have decided to try and organize the information…

Here is a link to a chart presenting different finishes offered with each handleset collection (Weiser/Kwikset, Schlage, Baldwin, Emtek) as well as their equivalence and the closest hinge finish to match :

Harmonization chart of the different door handle and decorative hinge finishes

Be advised that in some cases even though We suggest a certain hinge finish in particular to match with a handleset, the match is sometimes far from perfect. Unfortunately some handleset finishes have no equivalent hinge finish.

One last thing, here are a few useful links to obtain some more informations about the different color finishes offered by most hardware suppliers :