High quality door and window products designed by specialized fenestration manufacturers can easily last 25 years… provided they are well maintained! Increasingly these days, people are striving to reduce their ecological footprint and make great efforts to consume more responsibly and sustainably. One easy way of extending the expected useful life of goods, in particular, is to maintain them regularly and efficiently.

As such, take note of these 5 useful door and window maintenance tips to optimize their durability.

1. Clean Your Doors and Windows Twice a Year

Every spring and fall, clean all of your fenestration products with a mild gentle soap diluted in water. Add in a cloth and some elbow grease… and voilà: you’re done! Make sure, however, to use a mild non-abrasive detergent that does not contain ammonia as this could damage your materials. This regular care is recommended for all doors and windows (be it steel, wood, or fiberglass doors, or PVC, aluminium, or wood windows). This is truly one easy way – accessible to most – of making your doors and windows shine again, particularly your entry door.

2. Lubricate the Hardware Once a Year

Once a year, take a moment time to lubricate your door and window hardware, for example, butt and strap hinges, cranks, handles, and locks. For this, use an invisible all-around spray lubricant, such as “Jig-A-Loo”. This precaution will help your products operate more smoothly and effortlessly.

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3. Check Caulk Joints Twice a Year

Part of installing a door or window consists in applying a caulk or sealant around its perimeter in order to isolate and waterproof your home. Over time, however, due to our Canadian climate, caulk joints tend to show signs of deterioration, such as cracking and peeling. If you notice any cracks or shrinkage in your window or door seals, the old caulking must be removed and new caulking must be applied to prevent any air or water infiltration. Make sure to choose the right sealant and apply it at the right temperature. If in doubt, call a professional!

4. Check Weatherstripping Once a Year

If you wish to keep your home nice and warm for the winter, check the condition of your door and window weatherstripping every fall. Like caulk joints, weatherstripping can also deteriorate over time and show signs of wear. Promptly replace any damaged weatherstripping to avoid any heat leaks or cold air infiltration. Different types of weatherstripping exist, from door sweeps to foam tapes and backer rods, among others.

5. Remove and Put Away Screens Before Winter

Finally, here is one last easy maintenance tip to maximize the durability of your fenestration products: remove all of your door or window screens before winter. Take this opportunity also to clean them before putting them away for the cold season. This way, they will be protected from bad weather.

Maintaining is Beneficial to All!

When it comes to front door maintenance, either steel door maintenance or wood door maintenance, or even window maintenance, a good and efficient maintenance plan is the key to extend the useful life of products as well as maximize return. Often, it also helps reduce overall energy costs.

On another note, for reference, please note that an accumulation of frost over the bottom 5-inches of windows can be normal. This is usually a sign of a lack of ventilation or that the indoor humidity level is too high.

The 3R Strategy – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – is commonly taught in Canadian schools. Well, “reducing” the quantities of products consumed begins first and foremost with purchasing high quality products that will assuredly last longer, and continues with maintaining them regularly to prolong their durability even further. Through our daily decisions and actions, we play a crucial role in promoting responsible consumption. Future generations will be thankful!

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