5 Measures for a Highly Secure Door

Porte hautement sécuritaire

When it comes to doors and windows, security is a highly relevant concern. Every opening constitutes a critical point in the exterior envelope. To improve the security of your entry door and, in turn, the security of your home, take note of these 5 security measures implemented by Portatec. Portatec is a Québec-based door and window manufacturer specialized in custom premium entry doors.

5. Extruded Aluminium Mullions and Astragals (Operating Posts)

On the traditional door and window market, mullions and astragals – those vertical structural elements, fixed or movable, separating doors or windows – are often made with PVC. Well, not at Portatec. Portatec makes theirs in extruded aluminium for maximum quality and security. More specifically, their high-performance astragals, which are sturdy, easy to use, and made of a single lever located at shoulder level (which simultaneously triggers two anchor points at the top and bottom of the door), allow the complete and unobstructed opening of double doors (for example, French doors).

Aluminium Mullions and Astragals
Aluminium Cadded Frame
4. Extruded Aluminium Cladded Frame (Optional)

At Portatec, house door security is a priority. This is why Portatec offers the option of cladding your entry door’s frame in extruded aluminium. Extruded aluminium is much sturdier and more resistant than the aluminium traditionally offered on the market, which is often a 26-gauge folded aluminum, or PVC. For optimal security, the key to success is to use superior quality materials.

3. Thicker 22-Gauge Steel

Portatec is THE expert in custom high-end steel doors. Their expertise can be noticed, among other ways, in their use of 22-gauge steel, much thicker than the 24- or 26-gauge commonly provided. The smaller the number, the thicker the steel, and, in turn, greater are the sturdiness, quality, and security.

Thicker Steel

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Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

2. Multi-Point Door Handles (Optional)

A frequent recommendation concerning exterior door security is to integrate a multi-point handleset system. Factory-installed by experts, these 3-point locking systems ensure increased protection against breaking and entering, the two additional anchor points at the top and bottom effectively representing two additional deadlocks. In addition to improving door airtightness, multi-point handles also help provide greater stability and prevent warping. For peace of mind and sound sleep, make the safe choice of a 3-point locking system.

1. Security Bars

Finally, to help prevent breaking and entering, all Portatec doors include a 12-inch 22-gauge steel security bar hidden into the frame at handle level. Whether we’re talking about fiberglass, steel or wood door security, it matters little as Portatec integrates this security measure in all of their entry door systems.

Security Bars

For more information on front entry door security – and greater peace of mind! -, communicate today with Portatec to obtain a free quote. Located on the South Shore of Montreal, Portatec is a door and window manufacturer specialized in custom premium entry doors since 1984.

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Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

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