Lauréat Bronze | Grand Prix du Design

The Portatec team is very proud to be among the «bronze» winners of the Grand Prize in Design, in the category «Special awards/ Wood material enhancement in industrial & product design».

Our interior door collections «Revolution» and «Passion» delighted the members of the jury during the 14th edition of the prestigious competition.

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Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

Door and window fabricant specialized in premium custom entry doors since 1984, Portatec is innovating this year with the release of their all-new exclusive interior door Collections.

Their interior doors, like their exterior doors, distinguish themselves not only by their significantly superior quality, but also their unique and modern contemporary designs.

Portatec Interior Doors’ Numerous Advantages:

Sandstone | Oak - Malmo
“Turnkey” Interior Doors

Portatec interior doors are purposefully designed as “turnkey” products.
This means that these products are entirely factory fabricated, painted/stained, and pre-machined. Upon delivery, these products are entirely finished and ready for installation.

No more purchasing half-completed generic products requiring tools, time, and expertise to actually finish them properly.

An installation guide and kit are always provided with the purchase of every interior door product. Portatec truly thinks of everything for you!

Personalized Interior Doors
RE-4-I | Ambiance | Minerai de fer | Ébène | Vernis clair

Portatec deliberately chose to create strong design interior doors that add value to the home’s sought-after sensory experience.

Their 6 interior door Collections were effectively created to meet the market’s high-end needs for unique contemporary and modern top-quality products.

Note that every door is individually designed according to your selections: your door truly becomes an integral architectural element of your décor. Similarly to other decorative elements of your home, your doors can finally become a true reflection of your style.

Choosing from one of the numerous customizable models offered, personalize your doors by selecting the colour(s), type of door, or featured decorative elements.

In short: your doors, your choice.

Electric Night
Soundproof Interior Doors

For greater privacy and soundproofing, all Portatec interior door models can be assembled using a solid-core door (soundproof). Soundproof doors are also greatly appreciated for their superior durability and sturdiness.

Note that some of the models are only offered as solid-core doors (soundproof) due to their structural strength requirements.

About us:
Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

Online Purchase

Attentive to their clients’ needs, Portatec understands that the interior design market is evolving. This is why Portatec now offers the opportunity of creating and buying unique high-quality interior doors entirely online, from the comfort of your home. Just a few clicks, et voilà! Welcome to the 2.0 design era.

Buy online
Zen | ZEN-1
Home Delivery Available

Once your order is completed, you may pick it up at the factory (for free) or choose to have it home delivered (with additional shipping fees).

If you have selected a handle, Portatec provides its free installation for all factory pick-up orders. However, note that, for home delivery orders, the handle is shipped non-installed, in a box separately.

6 All-New Portatec Interior Door Collections

The design team at Portatec has created 6 new exclusive premium interior door Collections which shall meet the highest requirements of professional interior designers.

For the satin finish paint, a choice of 20 standard colours is available. However, you could also opt for a personalized colour.

For the wood veneer inserts or flush veneer clad doors, 6 wood veneer species are available: birch, oak, and maple (14 stain colours or clear varnish), or walnut, bamboo, and ebony (clear varnish only).

Zen Collection

Clean minimalist door models, with sleek horizontal and/or vertical embossed grooves. Choice of 20 standard colours or personalized colour option. Hollow-core or solid-core doors.

Discover the Zen collection

Apricot jam
Nobella Collection

Highly elegant, more classic door models, featuring flat or traditional Georgian mouldings (3 or 4 panels). Choice of 20 standard colours or personalized colour option. Hollow-core or solid-core doors.

Discover the Nobella Collection

Modernox Collection

Ultra-modern and refined, these door models feature applied stainless steel strips for a slightly industrial, chic look. Choice of 20 standard colours or personalized colour option. Hollow-core or solid-core doors.

Discover the Modernox Collection

Bright Red
Cloud White | Oak - Chestnut Brown
Revolution Collection

The epitome of contemporary modern design! These unique state-of-the-art urban design door models combine wood veneer inserts and applied stainless steel strips. A true revolution in the Québec world of interior doors!

Choice of 20 standard colours or personalized colour option. For the wood veneer inserts, 6 species are available: birch, oak, maple, walnut, bamboo, or ebony. Solid-core doors only.

Discover the Revolution Collection

Passion Collection

State-of-the-art contemporary door models with an organic clean look entirely cladded with natural wood veneers, with or without applied stainless steel strips.

Six (6) wood veneer species available: birch, oak, maple, walnut, bamboo, or ebony. Solid-core doors only.

Discover the Passion Collection

Gobi Dunes
Mimosa Bouquet
Pure Collection

With their clean minimalist look, these ultra-sleek flush door models are a testimony to simple high quality interior doors. Choice of 20 standard colours or personalized colour option. Hollow-core or solid-core doors.

Discover Pure Collection

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Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

The installation of doors and windows can represent a step just as crucial as – if not more than – their purchase. If improperly installed, even a high-end premium door will unfortunately not perform as expected. And frustrating, indeed, it can be to have a brand spanking new door functioning poorly!

Accordingly, in your next renovation project, how will you ensure your door and window products are correctly installed?

To help guide you, Portatec offers these 10 door and window installation tips.

10. Complete Visual Inspection

Once your door installation – or window installation – completed, take the necessary time with the installer to perform a thorough visual inspection to check the quality of the work done and also to discuss care products specifically recommended for your fenestration product. Pay attention to details and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as needed.

9. Complete Interior Finish

As part of the buying process with your door and window provider, make sure their installation also comprises the interior finish, door trims included. Nothing is more irritating than a magnificent new door, or window, lacking interior finishing trims. Avoid potential pitfalls and incomplete jobs by doing business with a specialized door and window manufacturer and their team of professional installers.

8. Top Quality Sealant

Faulty installations may occur from the use of cheap low-end installation products, as can be the case with sealants. It is truly essential to use top quality sealants in order to have top quality caulking joints. These sealing joints play a major role in making your door or window system airtight and waterproof, which is why they definitely cannot be neglected.

About us:
Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

7. No Air Infiltration

A quick way of detecting an air leak problem is to pass a lighter or match around your door and window frames. If there is an infiltration of air, the flame will start to move or even get blown out.

6. Quiet and Effortless Operating

All new doors and windows should operate normally, i.e. you should be able to open and close them (and lock them, if applicable) effortlessly and without any unexpected sounds.

Once again: the final performance of any fenestration product, regardless of the quality of its materials and assembling, greatly depends on the quality of its installation. Even a signature luxury entry door, if improperly installed, will not operate easily and quietly.

So do not skip this step in your installation verification checklist: make sure to open and close your door or window several times before your installer takes their leave to ensure your standards are met.

5. Level and Square

Always verify the horizontal alignment of your fenestration product using a level. For an entry door, the height difference between both sill ends should be no more than 2 mm (1/16 in.).

Doors and windows must also be installed square (height and width). A space of 1/8 in. must be left around a door slab or window frame to ensure proper functioning and, as such, avoid long-term damage to the product.

4. Prevent Water Infiltration

In order to prevent water infiltration, it is important to create a 5-degree downward slope toward the exterior for every opening. Additionally, an insulating waterproof self-adhesive membrane must be installed across the sill and up the lower part of the jambs (over 12 in.).

3. Insulating Materials

For top quality insulation, use both mineral wool and polyurethane spray foam.

The mineral wool must not be compacted, otherwise it will lose its primary function, which is to insulate. If too compact, it may also exert pressure on the frame. The wool must also be applied in successive layers. For polyurethane spray foam, it must be applied at least 40 mm (1½ in.) thick to prevent water vapour. The foam should not exert any pressure on the frame either.

2. Taking Accurate Measurements

This installation tip might seem obvious, yet it must still be followed carefully. It is crucial to take accurate measurements, both inside and outside, for an optimal door and window installation.

To ensure sufficient space between the frame and the opening, it is important to first measure both diagonals to verify that the opening is square (they should be equal).

You must then measure the opening vertically at three different points. The product’s final vertical dimension must correspond to the smallest opening dimension minus the required tolerance.

Finally, you must measure the opening horizontally at three different points. The product’s finished horizontal dimension must correspond to the smallest opening dimension minus the required tolerance.

1. Call on the Professional Installation Team of a Specialized Door and Window Fabricant

Ultimately, if we only had one tip to offer to ensure a proper installation, it would be to call on professional installers! Contact a specialized door and window manufacturer and ask for the help of their installation experts. This way, your product will be installed correctly, meticulously, and quickly, in accordance with the best construction and renovation standards.

Professional Team

For more information on door and window installation, contact Portatec. A fabricant specialized in premium custom entry doors since 1984, Portatec offers a wide selection of unique superior quality fenestration products.

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

Decorative door glass has evolved greatly over the last 25 years, both in terms of design and assembly techniques. Door glass inserts now constitute architectural elements of their own, without any compromise in light, safety, or eco-energetic performance.

The arrival of contemporary-inspired textured door glass has rejuvenated the market of architectural glass and decorative patterned glass products.

To enhance the look and value of your home – and maximise its curb appeal -, find out about the latest trends in textured glass and patterned glass.

Zoom in on the Top 5 textured glass inspirations of 2019!

5. Square-Pattern Textured Glass

Unquestionably more modern, these textured glass models, such as the Soft or MSoft models, feature a contemporary square pattern. Their refined detailing and texture provide remarkable character and light.

Aluminium Mullions and Astragals
Aluminium Mullions and Astragals
4. Wavy-Pattern Textured Glass

These modern textured glasses, such as the Fluid or Grain models, are valued for their more natural and organic contemporary looks, their fresh flowy lines reminiscent of the movement of water or tree bark. Simple and soothing, these patterns surely never fail to please.

3. Screen-Like Glass

An extremely fine square pattern defines this glass, giving it a clean look with a slight industrial touch. An elegant and smart choice for a front entry door requiring both light and privacy.

Aluminium Mullions and Astragals

About us:
Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

2. Striped Glass

Several textured glass models featuring a horizontal strip or vertical strip pattern are available on the market, among others the Masterline, Mline, Linea, and Linata. Alternating often times between clear glass and Screen-type glass, these glass models are the perfect complement to contemporary modern entry doors with sophisticated linear designs.

1. White Sandblasted Glass or Satin Glass

White sandblasted or satin textured glass models are greatly appreciated thanks to their timeless clean look and the greater privacy they provide. Several variations exist, all very soft and sleek, such as Satin Glass, which as the name implies is smooth and glossy, or Sandblasted Glass, which has an elegant soft grainy texture. For its part, the newer Edge model reinvents the Sandblasted Glass model by adding a clear border around the edge, for maximum privacy and visibility, appealing equally to both classic and contemporary styles. A refined look synonymous with success, assuredly. Finally, classic frosted glass, which is either sandblasted or acid-etched, also creates a satin effect, but it is much more translucent, making it much less private.

Aluminium Mullions and Astragals

For more information on textured glass or to create a truly unique personalized front door, contact Portatec, a Québec door manufacturer specialized in premium custom entry doors since 1984.

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

When it comes to doors and windows, security is a highly relevant concern. Every opening constitutes a critical point in the exterior envelope. To improve the security of your entry door and, in turn, the security of your home, take note of these 5 security measures implemented by Portatec. Portatec is a Québec-based door and window manufacturer specialized in custom premium entry doors.

5. Extruded Aluminium Mullions and Astragals (Operating Posts)

On the traditional door and window market, mullions and astragals – those vertical structural elements, fixed or movable, separating doors or windows – are often made with PVC. Well, not at Portatec. Portatec makes theirs in extruded aluminium for maximum quality and security. More specifically, their high-performance astragals, which are sturdy, easy to use, and made of a single lever located at shoulder level (which simultaneously triggers two anchor points at the top and bottom of the door), allow the complete and unobstructed opening of double doors (for example, French doors).

Aluminium Mullions and Astragals
Aluminium Cadded Frame
4. Extruded Aluminium Cladded Frame (Optional)

At Portatec, house door security is a priority. This is why Portatec offers the option of cladding your entry door’s frame in extruded aluminium. Extruded aluminium is much sturdier and more resistant than the aluminium traditionally offered on the market, which is often a 26-gauge folded aluminum, or PVC. For optimal security, the key to success is to use superior quality materials.

3. Thicker 22-Gauge Steel

Portatec is THE expert in custom high-end steel doors. Their expertise can be noticed, among other ways, in their use of 22-gauge steel, much thicker than the 24- or 26-gauge commonly provided. The smaller the number, the thicker the steel, and, in turn, greater are the sturdiness, quality, and security.

Thicker Steel

About us:
Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

2. Multi-Point Door Handles (Optional)

A frequent recommendation concerning exterior door security is to integrate a multi-point handleset system. Factory-installed by experts, these 3-point locking systems ensure increased protection against breaking and entering, the two additional anchor points at the top and bottom effectively representing two additional deadlocks. In addition to improving door airtightness, multi-point handles also help provide greater stability and prevent warping. For peace of mind and sound sleep, make the safe choice of a 3-point locking system.

1. Security Bars

Finally, to help prevent breaking and entering, all Portatec doors include a 12-inch 22-gauge steel security bar hidden into the frame at handle level. Whether we’re talking about fiberglass, steel or wood door security, it matters little as Portatec integrates this security measure in all of their entry door systems.

Security Bars

For more information on front entry door security – and greater peace of mind! -, communicate today with Portatec to obtain a free quote. Located on the South Shore of Montreal, Portatec is a door and window manufacturer specialized in custom premium entry doors since 1984.

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

Since 1984, the door and window specialist designers at Portatec have been designing custom premium entry doors which distinguish themselves by their uniqueness as much as their unparalleled superior quality. Portatec’s mission: creating distinctive doors, exclusive doors.

Successfully combining innovative designs and state-of-the-art assembly techniques, Portatec continues to set itself apart in the industry thanks to its unrivalled ability to produce truly “custom-made” exterior doors. All of its door models can effectively be modified, adapted, reinvented, recovered (you name it!) during the initial – and oh! so very crucial – step of creation.

Whether you are a trend-setter or you wish to celebrate the traditional prestigious character of your home, Portatec’s home entry doors will indubitably meet all of your needs, no matter how particular they may be.

In this respect, read on about these 5 exclusive Portatec products which you won’t find anywhere else.

1. Steel Arched Door

Portatec is the only specialized door manufacturer offering custom steel arched doors. Visit its website to look at past creations and appreciate its unrivalled original work. For example, notice the double front entry French steel doors with an arched top frame, or the front entry steel door with a ½-round head frame.

produits portatec
2. Wood-Finish Steel Door (Exterior and/or Interior)

Only one manufacturer in Québec can provide you with a steel door with each side featuring a different wood finish. Thanks to a unique process developed in-house, its craftsmen can effectively apply two distinct wood species finishes on the steel slab’s exterior and interior surfaces in order to fulfill all of your style and design needs, yet without any compromise on durability.

3. Fiberglass Doors With Solid Wood Door Frames

Another Portatec exclusivity! For an authentic and refined look, consider installing a fiberglass door with a solid wood door frame stained to colour match the door’s stain. The very best of both worlds: the durability and solidity of fiberglass combined to the richness of wood.

produits portatec

About us:
Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

Custom manufacturing
4. 100% Custom Designs (Hybrid Doors)

On the exterior door market, Portatec is the only supplier having the full capacity of designing a door exactly as per the client’s wishes, whichever way they want it. Customers can follow their inspiration and coordinate various materials, models, colours (paints and stains), styles, and accessories, both inside and outside (hybrid door). Portatec truly offers a creative fresh slate. Forget about uninspiring bland models commonly offered in big-box stores; instead, meet with one of our specialists to create your original dream door. Note that Portatec also offers a wide selection of contemporary doors that can be entirely customized.

5. Unique Surface-Applied Decorative Moulding and Panel Designs

The custom door expert, Portatec has developed over the years its own extrusion process (steel, wood) and moulds in order to create exceptional decorative moulding, shelf, and panel designs that are applied on the surface. For example, a door can feature both a decorative dentil shelf and a decorative wainscoting panel, in addition to a custom-made decorative glass unit. If you can imagine it, Portatec can make it.

For more information on exclusive exterior doors, do not hesitate to contact Portatec. Come visit its factory showroom located on the South Shore of Montreal.

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

A Quebec door and window manufacturer specialized in premium custom entry doors, Portatec has been the leader in the industry and continuously distinguishing itself since its establishment in 1984. Their unique and refined high-quality products are carefully designed to meet every client’s specific needs and wishes.

In greater details, here are 10 reasons why you should always choose a door fabricated by Portatec.

10. The Possibility of Visiting the Manufacturing Plant.

Located on the Montreal’s South Shore in Sainte-Julie, Portatec is proud to be able to welcome you directly to its design and manufacturing site. You can always expect a warm welcome and personalized service as well as the opportunity to visit the facility in person, where all of the craftsmanship takes place. Transparency and integrity are both core values of Portatec’s business philosophy, which is why you are always welcome in their facility.

9. Made in Québec.

Portatec doors are fabricated entirely in the province of Québec, in Canada. Through the years, their local designers and craftsmen have developed a coveted “know-how”, innovative assembly techniques as well as inspiring and stylish designs, working always with high-quality durable materials suitable to Québec’s climate.

Doors made in Quebec
Professional Team
8. A Professional and Competent Team All Around.

Portatec’s sales team cumulates numerous years of experience in the door and window business. Over time, their sales representatives have reached an unparalleled level of expertise and competency. Their seasoned expert installers also have all of the training and qualifications required to perform efficient, conscientious installations.

About us:
Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

7. Manufacturing Autonomy.

Portatec holds a great level of autonomy and flexibility over its production capacity as every step of the fabrication process is carried out under one single roof, including the paint and stain application. By eliminating possible subcontractors or intermediaries, Portatec chose to be self-sufficient in order to reduce cost, for its clients’ greatest benefit. Highly valued at Portatec, manufacturing independence benefits all.

Manufacturing autonomy
Matériaux de qualité
6. Unique Materials.

Specialized in custom exterior doors, Portatec offers a wide variety of high-quality materials to meet all of your needs in terms of style, size, and colour, while also taking into account your budget and environment. For example, Portatec makes textured wood-grain finish fiber-glass doors that truly resemble solid-wood doors but that are less costly, more durable, and much easier to maintain, with the possibility of selecting a solid wood frame unique to Portatec. Whether it is a steel door, wood door, or fiberglass door, Portatec assuredly has the solution for you.

5. Custom Manufacturing.

Therein lies the true expertise of Portatec: fabricating personalized door products created and designed as per your exact wishes. All of your front entry door’s features can be selected independently: the model, the style, the material, the colour, the size, the accessories, etc. If you can imagine it, Portatec can make it for you.

Portes sur mesure
4. Design Flexibility (Hybrid Doors).

Portatec is particularly proud to be the only door manufacturer in all of Québec to offer exterior hybrid doors that can integrate two completely different looks inside and outside. For example, imagine a painted maintenance-free steel door on the outside combined with a stained wood door on the inside as part of a modernized country home’s renovation project. Or else, a “country chic” textured, durable wood-grain finish fiber-glass door combined with an ultra crisp, contemporary interior. Options are truly limitless and bound only by your imagination.

3. Unique Designs.

Portatec’s design team is always at the forefront of the door industry and never hesitates to develop bold new stylish products. Special attention should be drawn, for example, to their European-inspired contemporary steel doors collection, which proposes refined esthetics featuring wood and metal elements. Portatec is successful at continually improving and distinguishing itself by creating innovative products positively different from those offered traditionally on the market.

Hybrid door
Professional Craftsmanship
2. Professional Craftsmanship.

Every manufacturing step of a Portatec entry door is carried out in the factory by professional and passionate craftsmen, who have committed over the years to making premium quality products. Day after day, they accomplish accurate meticulous work, from the assembly and the paint or stain and to the final packaging. This highly successful fabrication process is the result of continuous development and improvement over decades of door-making.

1. Specialized Door Manufacturer Since 1984.

Portatec’s long-lasting success and its capacity to remain at the cutting-edge of the industry are the result of its incessant eagerness to distinguish itself and innovate. Since 1984, Portatec has been building its name and credibility one door at a time, one client at a time.

Door Manufacturer Since 1984

For all of these reasons, and much more, contact Portatec or visit its website today to design the perfect door to meet your greatest aspirations.

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

Smart phones, smart thermostats, smart alarm systems, smart smoke detectors… these days, everything is seemingly becoming “intelligent”!

The door and window industry also plays an active role in this technological progress with the installation of smart door locks.

Smart locks, electronic locks, Bluetooth locks, Wi-Fi locks, electric locks, intelligent handles… What exactly are we talking about?

What is a Smart Lock?

A smart door lock, also called connected lock, is an electronic lock that can be locked and unlocked using a wireless signal sent from a remote control accessory such as a smart phone or an electronic key fob.

Different communication protocols can be chosen according to your needs, for example, Bluetooth or Z-Wave for a short-range connection or Wi-Fi for a long-distance connection.

Installed on your door, the smart lock device includes a battery-powered electric motor which, upon receiving a signal, operates a lever and engages the deadbolt. Rest assured, using a traditional physical key always remains a possibility and several locks also include a numeric keypad or a fingerprint reader. Some even integrates a voice control function (Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant).

Thanks to their mobile application, most smart locks allow you to, among other things, remotely monitor entries and exits (with push notifications), distribute virtual “e-keys” to guests, and remotely lock/unlock the door.

Here is a list of popular smart lock brands and models: Baldwin Evolved, Schlage (Encode, Sense, and Connect), Kwikset KEVO, August (Pro, Bluetooth, and 3rd Gen), Yale, and Gate Labs.

Is This Domotics?

Home automation, or domotics, refers to all of the techniques aiming to integrate and centralize all automated building functions pertaining to safety, energy, communication, etc. in a home or a business.

Essentially, domotics allow you to possibly control everything in your home or other (lighting, heating, locks, blinds and curtains, appliances,… etc.) using a smart phone, computer or interface (e.g. tablet).

Installing one smart lock by itself does not constitute domotics, yet it could represent a component of it when integrated to a centralized management system, integration being the key concept here.

Smart Doorbells

Yes, smart doorbells also exist!

Fitted with a wireless camera, smart doorbells allow you to see clearly and in real time the action taking place before your entry door. Some also include a directional audio function, enabling you to even communicate verbally with your guests using your smart phone.

A Few Other Considerations

Find out about the battery life of your smart door lock, which may vary anywhere between 2 and 12 months depending on your communication protocol and level of use.

Finally, when purchasing a new entry door, if you are considering the installation of a smart door lock, it is best to opt for a specialized door manufacturer offering factory installation. This way, the installation will assuredly be done by professionals and as such carry fewer risks.

For more information on smart door locks, communicate with Portatec, a premium door and window manufacturer specialized in custom entry doors since 1984.

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

Replacing doors and windows can represent, for some, an exciting project, while for others, a rather daunting task. Regardless, this type of renovation work must be well-planned-out.

Here are 10 tips to guide you.

Manufacturer Warranty
10. Read (and Understand!) the Warranty.

Every door and window supplier offers, in theory, a warranty. What are the terms? And their duration? Reputable manufacturers do not hesitate to offer a 20-year limited warranty on fabrication. The duration of the terms may vary according to the material, paint, and finishing. Check also whether the warranty changes depending on who carries out the installation (a specialized installer vs. yourself).

9. Dare to change.

If you must replace your doors and windows, why not take advantage of this situation and change your windows’ model, style, colour, or size? Seize this opportunity to rejuvenate the look of your house or bring about a more contemporary look with some sleek and stylized models. Or, why not widen your openings to enhance natural lighting, recognized to improve well-being and comfort?

Door Sales Representative
8. Ask for the Help of a Professional Sales Representative.

One of the advantages of doing business with a specialized door and window manufacturer is the easy and quick access to a team of professional sales representatives. They know their products inside out and can wisely advise you throughout the entire buying process as well as provide you with a complete and reliable quote. Competent sales representatives take delight in offering an enjoyable purchasing experience, with no bad surprises.

About us:
Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

7. Check with Your Municipality.

Renovation work such as the replacement of an entry door or the replacement of windows often requires you to apply for a permit. Before purchasing any products, make sure to contact your local municipality to familiarize yourself with their urbanistic requirements and timelines involved. Some renovation projects might need to be assessed by a Planning Advisory Committee, which could lead to further delays or constraints.

Municipality Renovations
6. Compare the Benefits of Double Vs. Triple-Glazed Windows.

Glazing refers to the transparent material used in a window, typically glass. Double-glazed “thermopane” windows contain two panes of glass separated by a spacer, creating a space that can be filled with air or a special insulating inert gas. A fine low-emissivity metallic coating can also be inserted. Triple-glazed windows are, for their part, made of three panes of glass and two air spaces. Note that, for housing units located in the South of Québec, double-glazed windows made of an insulating spacer with a Low-E coating and filled with an inert gas represent, more often than not, the best overall value, in addition to adequately meeting this region’s energy efficiency criteria.

5. Invest in a Premium Entry Door.

Each year, the magazine Remodeling produces a “Cost Vs. Value” report comparing various renovation projects and the value they retained at resale. In 2018, a new steel front door represented a total cost recouped of 91.3%. This means that premium entry doors do not lose much value over time; enhancing curb appeal and improving both safety and comfort, their value holds well.

4. Look for Quality Products for Top Durability.

Thanks to their high-quality material, precise factory assembly, and refined design, premium fenestration products guarantee durability. High-performance products manufactured by specialized door and window makers provide lasting comfort and safety. For a front entry door, consider 24- or 22-gauge steel or fiberglass, or select a paint that is ultra resistant to inclement weather and impacts.

3. Opt for Turnkey Service.

Renovating is not your thing? You dream of a hassle-free, worry-free renovation experience? Ask for a specialized manufacturer’s turnkey service. Their team of experts will gladly accompany you throughout the entire process, from their sales representatives to their designers and professional installers. Putting your trust in experienced professionals is the best way to avoid all kinds of problems.

Turnkey Service
Professional installers
2. Hire Professional Installers.

The final performance of any fenestration products depends as much on the quality of the installation as the quality of the product itself. Even the world’s best entry doors, if poorly installed, will allow air leaks. Let’s not forget that doors and windows constitute the challenge-point of any house’s exterior envelope. For optimal safety and comfort, they must absolutely be properly installed, preferably by RBQ-certified installers.

1. Achieve Economies of Scale.

Yes, indeed! By choosing to replace all of your exterior doors and windows at once and from the same provider, you will definitely achieve economies of scale. Firstly, providers will be keener to negotiate and offer attractive discounts. Secondly, your energy cost will suddenly be significantly reduced, thanks to your fenestration’s overall heightened performance. And, thirdly, you will be able to benefit better from the Gouvernement du Québec’s RénoVert Tax Credit, applicable on eco-friendly home renovation work. Currently, the maximum amount you can claim is $10,000, which represents 20% of the portion of your expenses exceeding the first non-admissible $2,500 and paid between March 17, 2016 and January 1, 2020. Definitely worth considering! Note that the eligibility period for recognized renovation work has been extended to March 31, 2019 (deadline for contract signature).

Economies of scale

For the replacement of your doors and windows, trust Portatec, a Québec manufacturer specialized in premium doors and windows since 1984.

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

Choosing the right exterior or interior door pain can be a real challenge for the design and renovation novices among us. Which type of paint should I choose? What colour? Which finish? To help you see more clearly, here are a few door paint tips.

Interior Door

As for any interior design element, interior door paint must be selected according to usage, the desired look, and ambient light.

Two types of paint are available for your interior wood door: water-based paint or oil-based paint. Water-based paint, also known as latex paint, is the most commonly used as it dries quickly, is easy to apply and clean, and contains fewer harmful chemicals. Oil-based (or alkyd-based) paint contains more volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it more harmful to the environment and our health; however, it could still be coveted for its highly-resistant high gloss finish. It is up to you to set your priorities!

Generally-speaking, experts agree to recommend the semi-gloss or glossy finishes for doors, mouldings, and trims because of the wear they undergo and to facilitate cleaning.

And now, the ultimate design dilemma: which colour should you choose for your interior door? You must first determine the design “role” of your door: do you want it to vanish into your décor or stand out as a focal point in the room? Do you want it to become an extension of your wall, or rather contrast with it? What overall look are you going after? Although interior doors are typically painted white, nothing stops you for choosing another colour. Be bold! Play with your colour palette to transform your door into a design element. For example, if your room is painted entirely white, why not liven it up with a yellow or blue door? For a more graphic effect, paint only a section of your door or apply various bands of colour. And do not forget the mouldings or even the wall surrounding door: they also can be coloured differently to create various effects. However, if you wish to “hide” your door, paint it the same colour as your wall. Your wall carries two colours, one at the bottom and one at the top? Simply reproduce the same display on your door.

Regardless of paint type, never neglect the effect of natural light when selecting your final colour. A poorly-lit room will always make colours appear darker.

Finally, remember that every door contains in fact two “canvases” to better serve your creative needs. Do not hesitate to personalize both sides according to your inspiration and needs.

Exterior Door

The main function of any exterior paint is primarily to cover the surface and protect it from bad weather. Nonetheless, just like in interior design, the choice of your exterior door colour is extremely important, if not even more crucial given its unique role. As the main entry point, your exterior entry door truly sets the overall tone of your front façade. As such, it represents the perfect opportunity to personalize your home and set it apart from your neighbours. Opt for a unique look by choosing an attractive bright colour or breathe new life into your older home with a trendier colour. Regardless of the style chosen however, always take into account the colour of your windows, soffits and fascia, gutters, roof, and exterior cladding for an esthetically-pleasing and successful overall look.

Finally, the type of exterior paint required will depend on your door material (steel, wood, fibreglass). For example, steel doors are typically coated with water-borne urethane-acrylic paint. For an absolutely perfect finish, it is essential to have it factory-applied by door specialists. Premium door manufacturer, Portatec uses a high-performance eco-responsible coating paint available in 25 standard colours, or any custom colour based on a colour sample of your choice.

Any window renovation project begins first and foremost with a simple and efficient measurement session, before even visiting your local window retailer or supplier.

This very crucial step is surprisingly quick! All it takes is a little knowledge of the window “language”.  In order to take measurements for your replacement window, you will need a measuring tape and something to record your measures (pen and paper or a smart phone, for example).

Below are instructions on how to measure for a window renovation project, where you replace an existing window by a new one. The measuring process differs for new construction projects.

How to Measure

First, remove the interior casing or trims around the window to completely reveal the existing window frame. Take this opportunity to check the condition of your frame.

Note that you will have to take measurements inside as well as outside of your home.

Using your measuring tape, measure:

  1. The interior width of the window (from the outer edges of the existing window frame)
  2. The interior height of the window (from the outer edges of the existing window frame)
  3. The exterior width (from one edge of the exterior cladding to the other, for example, vinyl to vinyl or brick to brick)
  4. The exterior height (again, vinyl to vinyl or brick to brick, for example)
  5. The depth: the distance between the drywall on the inside and the outer edge of the frame
  6. The height of the sill: the distance between the bottom of the window and the floor, to determine, for example, the height of the handle


For every dimension, measure the opening in three different places. If you obtain varying measurements, always write down the smallest, or narrowest, one.

You may now proceed to your local window retailer or supplier to shop for your window model, colour, and various options (double vs. triple glazing, etc.).

If In Doubt… Call On the Professionals!

For any window renovation project, never hesitate to call on a professional and experienced design and installation team! Windows can represent a large investment and every order is custom-made. There is no room for error!

Canadian leader in the door and window industry and particularly known for its unique premium door designs, Portatec benefits from a highly-experienced sales team as well as a meticulous and proficient installation team. Do not hesitate to contact Portatec to get a quote!

Canadian winters are known to be cold and harsh. Though we do appreciate the cold season’s little delights – think: fireplace, snowman and hot chocolate! – , winter can also mean struggling to keep your home warm, and translate into additional energy loss, heating costs, and, even possibly, discomfort.

Because they are made of glass (an excellent heat conductor), windows constitute the weak link of building envelopes. And if you’re living in the city also, aside from the weather, you’re most likely exposed to the regular urban hustle and bustle, or worse, loud neighbours! So, how do you ensure your windows can protect you from the cold and the noise? By choosing quality insulation and high performance models.

Thermal and Sound Insulation

Several components can improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of windows, including the frame materials, the glazed units (glass), special coatings (“low-E glass”), inert gas fills, the spacers, and weatherstripping.

Window frames can be made of PVC (polyvynil chloride), aluminium, or wood, each featuring different levels of energy efficiency, maintenance, and operating life. Educate yourself and be sure to compare all advantages and disadvantages. For example, in Canada, the standard for glass is double-glazed (two panes), but triple-glazed is also available. The space between layers can be filled with inert gas (for example, argon), in order to reduce heat loss. You would also benefit from choosing an insulating spacer over less performing metal options. A low-emissivity (low-E) coating, a microscopically thin metallic layer, can also be applied to the glass surface to allow heat energy from the sun in, while reflecting the inside heat back into the house. Finally, for maximum airtightness, you should select double or triple weatherstripping, preferably compression seals.

Another important factor to consider is hiring a professional to install your windows. Your windows’ performance ultimately depends on it! A qualified and experienced team is the key to avoid any big or small problems down the road.


Not sure where to begin when choosing windows? Look for the ENERGY STAR® certification, an international label guaranteeing high energy efficiency. Window models that meet your region’s strictest energy efficiency performance criteria are shown to be up to 40% more efficient than standard market options. Be sure to correctly identify your region’s ENERGY STAR Climate Zone (most of Southern Canada is in Zone 2). And, don’t just save energy, save money too! Indeed, certified windows can reduce your energy bill by 8% on average. And, if smaller bills aren’t convincing enough, energy-saving renovations have also been shown to increase property value.

Beyond money, it’s your comfort we’re talking about here. Better insulation essentially means optimal heat retention and, as such, a warmer, cozier, and quieter home to enjoy.

For more information or to obtain a quote, contact Portatec. A Canadian manufacturer of premium custom doors and windows, Portatec is known for its high performance innovative products and outstanding customer service.

Source: Natural Resources Canada

When renovating or building a new home, home owners are now faced with a wide selection of fenestration products. PVC, aluminium, wood, or hybrid windows: what constitutes the wisest choice? What are the main differences between standard and hybrid windows?

The terms “standard windows” typically refer to windows made of only one material, such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), aluminium, or wood, whereas “hybrid windows” refer to windows made of at least two materials, for example, PVC and aluminium.

Standard PVC, Aluminium, or Wood Windows

Most often than not the most economical option, PVC windows constitute a good reliable product, requiring minimal maintenance and providing excellent insulation; its esthetic value, however, sometimes leaves something to be desired. Although PVC is highly energy-efficient, thanks to its low heat transfer capacity, its general appearance and larger frames often seem to discredit it or tarnish its quality value. Yet, this very competitive product offers excellent value for money with regards to energy efficiency and maintenance for people with relatively simple fenestration needs.

Both refined and robust, aluminium windows are light yet ultra weather-resistant. Thinner but also sturdier, aluminium frames allow the creation of oversized windows and are often offered in a large selection of colours. For slick-looking windows that are easy to maintain, aluminium constitutes a very interesting option. However, you’ll typically pay more for these windows, which, by the way, also provide less insulation due to the material’s high thermal conductivity.

Finally, wood windows represent another option, especially for the eternal lovers of more traditional or noble materials. Painted or stained, these premium products bestow upon your home unrivalled character and legendary old world charm… which tends to be reflected in their higher price, both financially and in terms of maintenance. Indeed, wood windows absolutely require meticulous annual care to remain beautiful and watertight.

The Solution? Hybrid Windows!

Fortunately, nowadays, there is no need to only choose one material at the expense of others! Indeed, the perfect combination now exists: hybrid windows!

Typically in aluminium on the outside and PVC on the inside – but possibilities are truly endless! -, hybrid windows represent the best “compromise”… without really being one! Think about it: for example, the elegant sturdiness of aluminium associated with the high energy- and cost-efficiency of PVC. Such hybrid windows probably constitute the biggest bang for your buck, most definitely a win-win product.

Other hybrid combinations also exist, such as aluminium on the outside and wood on the inside. It is really up to you to determine your needs and choose your materials accordingly; you truly have the creative freedom to design the ideal fenestration for your home.

For a professional installation of your windows, choose Portatec, a Canadian door and window manufacturer specializing in premium custom entry doors.

Thinking of replacing your windows? Not only will you have to choose among the various frame and sash materials now available (for example, aluminium, PVC, and wood), you’ll also have to make a decision between double or triple glazing.

In the energy efficiency certification program ENERGY STAR, the southern region of the province of Québec is located within their Climate Zone 2. In this zone, windows must be at least double-glazed (simple-glazed windows have, for the most part, fallen into disuse, thanks to their poor energy efficiency performance). That being said, how advantageous is opting for triple-glazed windows, considering their higher cost?

Glazing… Glazing?

But let’s first define what we mean by “glazing”.

Glazing refers to the transparent material used in a window, typically glass.

A double-glazed window generally contains two panes of glass, which are separated by a spacer. The space created can then be filled with air or a special insulating inert gas, such as argon, for example. A fine low-emissivity (Low-E) metallic coating can also be added to limit the sun from coming in during summer while reflecting the heat back in during winter. Note that, within the industry, double or triple glazing is also referred to as insulating glass units (IGUs), sealed glazing, or “thermopane” windows.

Finally, you will have guessed that triple-glazed windows are composed of two air spaces, which can also – both or either – contain an inert gas or a Low-E coating.

Triple-Glazed Windows: Advantages and Disadvantages

Considering this, should we be choosing triple glazing units over double?

Triple glazing offers numerous advantages, the most significant one being – not surprisingly – its outstanding thermal performance. Its temperature coefficient of resistance (R-value) is indeed much higher than double glazing (Source: CAA Québec). This explains in part why triple-glazed products can be up to 50% more efficient than double-glazed (Source: Natural Resources Canada).

A better heat barrier also means an enhanced comfort experience, especially closer to the windows. Another advantage noted is a reduction in indoor condensation, while others also mention greater acoustic insulation for some types of fast traffic noise.

Overall, for colder regions, north-facing windows, or owners wanting to create a more passive house, triple glazing can be an excellent strategic choice.

Triple glazing, whoever, also has its drawbacks. Triple-glazed windows are known to be more expensive. Then, windows made of three glass panes are heavier and require, as such, a sturdier frame and stronger hinges, which implies additional work and cost. Finally, some still report reduced brightness because of the glazing unit’s greater thickness.

So, what is the take-home message? For housing units located in the South of Québec, double-glazed windows made of an insulating spacer, with a Low-E coating, and filled with an inert gas represent, more often than not, the best overall value, in addition to adequately meeting this region’s energy efficiency criteria.

Having said that, we do recommend you consult a window professional to help you fully understand your options and find the best solution for your needs and budget.

Portatec offers a wide selection of high energy efficiency window models. Have their experienced and meticulous team professionally install your windows!

The RénoVert Tax Credit

The Québec Government is currently offering a refundable tax credit for eco-friendly home renovation work: the RénoVert Tax Credit.

The maximum amount you can claim is $10,000, which represents 20% of the portion of your expenses exceeding the first non-admissible $2,500 and paid between March 18, 2016 and January 1, 2019.

This program is open to owners and co-owners of a single-family home, prefabricated house or mobile home, condominium, or winterized cottage, among others, and the eligibility period for recognized renovation work has been extended to March 31, 2018. Note that all work must absolutely be completed by a qualified contractor!

For more information, please visit Revenu Québec’s RénoVert Tax Credit page.

Is Replacing, or Adding, Doors and Windows Recognized as Eco-friendly Renovation Work?

Yes, it is! When replacing or adding doors and windows, as long as you are installing ENERGY STAR certified products corresponding to your dwelling’s Climate Zone, your renovation work is admissible! The installation of ENERGY STAR certified skylights is also included in the list of recognized eco-friendly renovation work.

So make sure to look for ENERGY STAR certified products! According to Natural Resources Canada, windows that meet the highest ENERGY STAR criteria are up to 40% more energy-efficient than traditional windows. Thus, installing high energy-efficient doors and windows enable substantial energy savings and, as such, can truly have a real positive impact on the environment. Not surprising, then, that windows appear on the 2018 ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation list.

In turn, energy savings also translate into lower energy bills for consumers. This could mean more money in your pockets next year!

Starting to think about replacing your doors and windows? Contact Portatec, a Canadian door and window manufacturer specializing in premium custom entry doors. Their stellar reputation rests not only on their innovative products and assembling techniques, but also on their outstanding customer service. Their team of professional installers works carefully and rigorously to ensure the best overall performance of your doors and windows.

If you’re suddenly dreaming bigger, here is a non-exhaustive list of other recognized eco-friendly renovation work: work relating to the envelope of a dwelling, for example, insulation, sealing, installation of a green (living) or white (reflecting) roof; work relating to the mechanical systems, such as the heating, air conditioning, water heating or ventilation systems; water conservation and quality; soil quality (decontamination); as well as many other eco-friendly renovation projects.

Happy home renovations!

Refer a friend, family member, colleague or neighbour who is in need of door and/or window renovation and receive a gas gift card upon your referral’s contract signature. It’s simple, all you have to do is talk about us !

Referral for a sale of $5,000* or less : $50 gift card

Referral for a sale between $5,000* & $10,000* : $150 gift card

Referral for a sale of $10,000* or more : $250 gift card

*Amounts including taxes.

In order to qualify for this reward program, you need to send us your referral via e-mail at : You have to provide us with your referral name, phone number and e-mail address.

In order to comply with the access to information act, we will not accept referrals that did not grant you the authorisation to provide us with their contact details. We will not accept any responsibility in this matter. These conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

The Quebec government has extended the RenoVert tax credit program for renovation. RénoVert, a refundable tax credit designed to encourage Quebec individuals to undertake environmentally friendly renovation work carried out by recognized contractors.

The period of eligibility for the RénoVert tax credit has been extended to March 31, 2018.

The RénoVert refundable tax credit will equal 20% of eligible home renovation expenditures incurred by an individual in excess of $2 500, up to a maximum of $10 000.


Principal parameters of the refundable RénoVert tax credit


Floor for eligible expenditures : $2 500

Tax credit rate : 20.0%

Maximum tax credit amount : $10 000

Eligible renovation expenditures subject to the maximum tax credit : $52 500


Value of the RénoVert refundable tax credit depending on the amount of eligible home renovation expenditures


2 500    : 0

5 000    : 500

10 00    : 1 500

15 000  : 2 500

20 000  : 3 500

25 000  : 4 500

40 000  : 7 500

52 500  : 10 000


Eligible work includes installation of doors and windows.


To benefit from the tax assistance provided by the RénoVert refundable tax credit,individuals must enter into a contract with a recognized contractor to have the renovation work on their home done.


The agreement with the contractor must be concluded before April 1, 2018. However, individuals will have until January 19, 2019 to pay the renovation expenses covered in the contract.


For more informations : click here.

There are so many things to decide when replacing an entry door system that it is easy to get lost in the process : Door design, decorative glass model, color, finish, etc… A lot of choices to be made for just one product !

And to make matters worst, before you are done with configuring your door system, you will have to choose your hardware : handleset, hinges, knocker among other things. In most cases, this is where it gets complicated especially if we want to match colors because each component comes from adifferent manufacturer which works with their own coding system. So, in order to help you make sense of all this, We have decided to try and organize the information…

Here is a link to a chart presenting different finishes offered with each handleset collection (Weiser/Kwikset, Schlage, Baldwin, Emtek) as well as their equivalence and the closest hinge finish to match :

Harmonization chart of the different door handle and decorative hinge finishes

Be advised that in some cases even though We suggest a certain hinge finish in particular to match with a handleset, the match is sometimes far from perfect. Unfortunately some handleset finishes have no equivalent hinge finish.

One last thing, here are a few useful links to obtain some more informations about the different color finishes offered by most hardware suppliers :

When the time comes to change your doors and windows, it is good to know that a lot of options are available when building a door system. That is why I chose to share with you this first example featuring a possibility that is often ignored when buying a new door system.

If you have to replace a door system assembled with a transom of 17’’ high or less above, be aware that you can get a custom door system that will fill up the total height (including the transom) of the original door as demonstrated below.

This option could come in handy when you have to replace a door system assembled with a really small transom (like 9’’ or less) which does not let that much light inside anyway.

For a long time, consumers had to choose between the beauty of a wood door and the strength of a steel door. Today, a few door and window manufacturers found a clever and efficient way to combine both materials. In fact, it is now possible to take a steel door and apply, on the interior surface as an example, a wood veneer which will play a first-rate aesthetic role.

The benefits of choosing a steel door instead of a massive wood door are considerables :

  • Isolation value between R-16 and R-20 for a steel door with wood veneer as opposed to R-8 for the most performant massive wood door.
  • A more solid structure (especially in regards to 22 gauge steel doors) more resistant to chocs and exposition to weather elements.
  • Better resistance against warping.

For a few years now, we noticed another popular trend rising from the market : The possibility to personalize our doors and windows. Manufacturers have to adjust to this new reality by offering a wider range of choices. In addition to a wood veneer applied on the inside surface of a door, you can now get the same wood veneer on the outside surface of the door or, even better, on both sides of the door : The Absolute wood veneer which will perfectly imitate the appearance of a solid wood door. Several wood species are available as well : Oak and pine remain among the most popular choices but other species such as birch, mahogany, cedar and cherrywood are also availables.

All wood doors and windows are having a hard time keeping their place on the market mainly because people do not have the time for their maintenance anymore (this would explain why hybrid products made of two different materials are becoming more popular). This time again, manufacturers have to adapt by offering maintenance-free products. As a result, people can now have access to an entirely factory stained and varnished wood veneer using ultra-resistant and waterproof polyurethane based products. A wide range of color choice can also be available for this feature as well.

For a few years now, people have become more and more aware about security issues when replacing a door system. Therefore it is good to be informed that a lot of options are available to increase the security factor of a door system such as :

The security plate : A metal plate installed on the door frame in order to increase the resistance of the deadbolt of your door handle. This option is generally available for only a few dollars more.

22 Gauge steel door : The thickest steel skin available on the residential doors and windows market. Generally, manufacturers will mostly offer 24 or 26 gauge steel for their doors. In this case it is important to understand that in steel gauge, the LOWER the number is, the thicker the steel is. 22 gauge steel will provide you with a more shock-resistant door system.

And finally, when the time comes to choose a handleset for your door, be aware that it is also possible to equip a door with a Multi-point hardware : a 3-point locking system that will greatly improve the strenght and the stability of a door system.

To our knowledge, the Multi-point systems is one of the most secure system available in Canada. But it would seems that there is an even more secure system available somewhere as proven by this short video that I would like to share with you. I do not know if this system is available in North America but I think it may interest even the most paranoid among us…

12 locking points security door hardware

This week, I would like to share some really interesting information about the installation of new windows. This information was taken from a memo received from a manufacturer specializing in the production of PVC windows : Lajeunesse Windows.

During the course of performing some after sales service ajustments, they frequently encounter situations where they find condensation and ice formation on windows.

These situations are frequent when the window frame goes deeper outside than the actual house frame. People should be aware that there is a general principle stating that a window will perform a lot better if the sealed unit is positioned in the isolated part of the wall. It is even more true when sliding or hung windows are installed in a way that they stick out from the house wall. This could result in the draining holes being blocked by ice therefore preventing the evacuation of water created by the condensation phenomenon.

In conclusion, it is strongly recommended to always install a window in recess toward the interior (1/4’’ minimum) from the exterior wall. In addition, an isolation product (foam or mineral wool) should always be applied all around the window as well as on the whole depth of the wall.

Over the last few years, the fiberglass door has found it’s place on the market mostly because of its “wood grain” finish which when stained, imitates the look of a massive wood door.

Except that most door and window manufacturers which offers the fiberglass door do not offer the option of factory staining the product. Therefore be advised that you might end up having to do it yourself. According to fiberglass door manufacturers such as Masonite, it is perfectly feasible. They even published some documents covering the subject such as this one :

How to stain fiberglass entry systems

Fortunately for those of us less “adventurous”, manufacturers such as Portatec do offer a complete factory stain finish option for fiberglass doors with a wide choice of colors. In this area of expertise, Portatec as created a unique process combining : The application of a primer coat, a stain and then a clear polyurethane coat to increase protection of the finish. The result speaks for itself…

This is of course, one of the many questions you will need to answer when the time comes to change your doors and windows but it would be a shame to overlook it’s importance. After all, the door giving you access to your backyard deserves to be treated with respect before making a choice in this matter. So, patio door or garden door ? Before giving an answer, several elements need to be considered :

The frequency at which the door is used. As an example, do you use this door only to ventilate the house in the spring or in the fall season ? If so, aim toward a patio door. On the other hand, the garden door will be more adapted for those who use it as the main access to their home.

Enough space inside the house. Essential for adequate operation of a garden door opening toward the inside. In case of insufficient space, a patio door would be a better choice. You can of course choose a garden door opening toward the outside but be aware that this is not an ideal solution from an aesthetic point of view because the door sill which is generally positioned outside will be found inside the house.

Visibility an light. Be advised that the glass surface of a patio door is approximately 33% bigger than the one of a garden door.

Opening size and air entry. For those of you who want maximum air entry, it would be wise to choose a garden door; more specifically a model where the secondary door is equipped with an operating post allowing both doors to be opened when needed. You can also combine this set-up with a double screen system (sliding or opening both sides) for maximum ventilation.

Never forget that the choices you make regarding door and window renovation will have a direct impact on your everyday life inside your home. Therefore always take the time to give these matters a great deal of thought before reaching a decision because you will have to live with it for many years to come.

With winter approching fast, it is possible to fell dafts of cool air coming from your doors and windows. According to the Energy Efficiency Agency, 60% of the annual energy expenses of your home are dedicated to heating costs, which easily represents at least 1000$ per year. A sustantial amount of money can be saved by performing simple actions which needs to be done before cold season.

The maintenance of your doors and PVC windows is relatively simple. These products will not require any painting, staining or preventive treatments. Cleaning them can be done with mild cleaning product (like dishwashing soap) mixed with water. Hinges can be lubricated with teflon based products or dry silicone.

Stell door hinges should be lubricated with grease once a year, during fall season, using this simple procedure : Remove the pin one hinge at a time, apply a thin layer of grease and put the pin back on. Repeat the procedure for each hinge.

Verify all door weatherstripping which could be damaged as well as all window sealing which could be dry, torn off, splitted or even completely gone.

Finally, it is recommended to remove all internal screens for the complete duration of the winter.

Water infiltrations can become really harmful for your home. They can damage interior facing and help create mould. Of course, your doors and windows will always remain an element to keep an eye on on a regular basis regarding possible risks of water infiltration.

First step in verifying your doors and windows : the inspection of the sealant condition. We need to make sure that it still sticks and is ”crack free”. Of course, it is important to remplace the sealant if needed.

Then, verify all water draining holes on your doors and windows : located at the door sill level and at the bottom of the windows. Make sure that nothing is blocking them. Be advised that some lesser quality window products might not have any draining holes which could of course increase the risks of water infiltration.

The next step would be to carefully inspect the shape of the material including assembling pieces and all components of your doors and windows. As time passes by, contraction and expansion of door and window materials and components eventually creates tiny spaces which could further water infiltration.

Keep in mind that there will always be a possibility that water could penetrate your walls through even the tinniest cracks. We need to understand that water will inevitabely follow all wall sufaces, including those of doors and windows. Water is bound to look for the shortest way to reach the ground and therefore cracks all around doors and windows will offer excellent shortcuts.

Your house is the first thing that you project to the face of the world. A wrong choice of color for your doors and windows will therefore produce an direct impact on your image in your neighborhood. We can create a strong and durable impression when choosing the right paint color. In order to help you start on the right foot in choosing a color for your door and window renovation project, here are some general advices on the subject :

  1. If  you feel uncomfortable regarding color choices, do not be afraid to ask for professional help on the subject. Many designers specializing in this particular field can offer consultations at a reasonable price.
  2. Keep in mind that regarding the choice of an exterior color, it is mostly all about context. Therefore, the color that you will end up choosing might not be the one you prefer but the one which is most in harmony with the other houses in your area. Like it or not, your house is a part of the urban scenery… Unless you live on a desert island…
  3. Try to do a preliminary test of a color on a piece of paper and expose it outside during different periods of the day. Exterior light changes during the couse of the day and can considerably alter the appearance of a color.
  4. For an entry door, consider going with a white door frame if you are thinking of choosing a neutral or rich color. This will give it a fresh and clean feel. We can also create some interesting contrasts by matching the color of the door frame with the windows while choosing a different color (mabye darker) for the door itself.
  5. For a house made of wood or stone, you could choose to go with a door with stained wood finish. Therefore, the front door will feel more integrated to the overall look of the house.
  6. To create a lighter contrast with a red brick wall, choose a shade of beige matching the brick mortar instead of going with white.
  7. Most of the better door and window manufacturers usually have a wide selection of colors to choose from. Be aware that even though none of them suits you, it is possible for some manufacturers to create a personnnalized color as per a supplied sample of your chosen color.

You need to replace your front door and none of the available models on the market suits the architectural style that you have been searching for ? You are in a creative mood and have a good idea of what your dream door would look like but unfortunately nothing in the door and window world is remotely similar to what you have imagined ? Well, be advised that there are door manufacturers, such as Portatec, who have a custom creation department dedicated to help you in every step of the creation process of the door of your dreams. You just have to supply a rough handmade sketch. Starting from that, a technical drawing can be produced for your approval as well as provide precise guidelines for every production steps in order to create your personalized entry door system.
Personalized colors, custom decorative mouldings, adapted height and width, door glass units available in an infinite variety of styles and sizes… The possibilities are endless. You just have to find the right team of experts that will make your vision a reality. Let your imagination go… We will take care of the rest.