Features: Painted door with three georgian style decorative panels (20 in. x 16 in.) applied on the surface.

Options: You may choose the same NOBELLA model for both sides of the door or only 1 side (the other side is then flush (PURE).

Colours: Factory-applied ultra-resistant industrial paint offered in 20 standard colours. Possibility also of choosing your own colour – you simply have to provide the name and colour code of the paint fabricant (Sico or Benjamin Moore Canada). The price is the same whether you opt for a standard or customized colour. The door frame may however be painted another colour, if desired.

Types of doors available:

• Solid-core (providing better durability and sound reduction)

• Hollow-core

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Interior door caracteristics

• Contemporary design entirely made in Quebec.

• Solid-core doors (sound-reduction) for an exceptional durability and a unrivaled sound privacy. (Hollow-core door also avaliable).

• Ultra-resistant paint with semi-gloss finish on door and frame (applied with spray gun).

• Door frame featuring rabbeted jambs for greater sturdiness (2 dimensions: 3 5/8" and 4 5/8"). Our frames are designed with a small lip to facilitate the installation of the finishing door casings, which are required to fully complete the installation. Our frames are not designed to be installed without finishing door casings (drywall return mouldings).

• 1 3/8" door frame depth.

• Door with 4 hinges.

How to Take Measurements?

To ensure the proper installation and operation of your door, we recommend that you call on a professional. However, you may use the following method to obtain an approximate estimate of the dimensions:

  • Measure your current door panel to determine the width (26", 28", 30", or 32").
  • Measure your current door panel to determine the height (80" or 96").
  • Remove interior casings (at the top and on both sides) in order to clearly see the current frame’s measurements.
  • Measure the width and the height of the current door frame.
  • Measure the wall depth to determine the appropriate door frame size (3 5/8" or 4 5/8").
  • Select your door swing direction:

    5.      Door opening inward. Standing outside, hinges are on the left and the handle is on the right.

    6.      Door opening inward. Standing outside, hinges are on the right and the handle is on the left.

    7.     Door opening outward. Standing outside, hinges are on the left and the handle is on the right.

    8.     Door opening outward. Standing outside, hinges are on the right and the handle is on the left.

Door opening

Door Handles

Round Rondo Knob - Black
Juno Lever Handle with Round Escutcheon - Satin Nickel
Livia Lever Handle with Rectangular Escutcheon - Brushed Chrome

Installation Guide

Tools required to install your interior door:

  • 4’ or 6’ level
  • Drill or screwdriver (Philipps head and Robertson head)
  • Pencil

Portatec installation kit includes:

  • 6 brackets
  • 4 x 3-inch screws (for the 4 hinges)
  • 18 small zinc-plated screws (for the door frame)
  • 6 black screws for the leveling adjustments (on the drywall)

Step #1

If replacing an existing door, first completely remove the original door (door and frame). Ensure rough opening is at least ½ inch larger and ¼ inch taller than the exterior dimensions of your new Portatec door’s frame.

Step #2

Remove Portatec door from packaging as well as black plastic threaded spindle from handle hole.

Step #3

Remove thin wooden plank at the bottom of the door.

Step #4

Install first 3 anchor brackets on the hinge-side of the door frame (level with the top 2 hinges and bottom hinge) using the small zinc-plated screws (3 per bracket). Ensure both small hooks rest solidly on the frame’s facade and align centre hole of bracket with the small pre-drilled hole in the frame.

Both small hooks solidly resting on door frame.

Centre hole of bracket aligned with small pre-drilled hole in the frame (for 3-inch hinge screw later).

Step #5

Install other 3 anchor supports on the opposite side of the door frame (handle side): first one approximately 8 inches from the top of the door, second one above the handle, and third one approximately 6 inches from the bottom of the door.

Step #6

If flooring is to be installed after the door’s installation, make sure to add 2 wood pieces at the bottom of the door of equal height as the flooring that will be installed.

Step #7

On the hinge side, approximately ½ inch from the edge of the rough opening, use a pencil to mark a point on the wall. Place the 4’ or 6’ level on this mark then trace a vertical line using your pencil from top to bottom, making sure the line is perfectly straight and leveled.

Step #8

Place the door in the rough opening and roughly centre it as best as you can. Starting with the top bracket on the hinge side, use a black screw to screw the bracket in the wall through the oval hole. To make leveling easier, refer to the vertical line traced on the wall and note which bracket notch the line goes through. Then screw in the other 2 brackets on the hinge side, always making sure that the vertical level line goes through the same bracket notch. When screwing the final 3 brackets on the handle side, ensure spacing between the door panel and the frame always remains the same from top to bottom (1/8 inch). Make necessary adjustments through the oval adjustment hole.

Step #9

Completely open the door and, using the 3-inch screws, screw in the pre-drilled holes in each of the 4 hinges. These 3-inch screws must reach the vertical wall studs in order to provide added structure and stability to your door.

Step #10

Remove ¾-inch block from under the door.

Step #11

Finishing trims or casing can safely be installed on the anchor brackets. The anchors will in no way impede the installation of finishing trims.

Interior Door Warranty

Portatec is proud to offer a 5-year limited warranty; this warranty is a testament to the quality workmanship and materials used to manufacture our interior doors. This warranty only applies for normal household use of the product and does not cover any defects resulting from negligence, any incident causing damage, abnormal or commercial use.

This warranty is strictly subject to the terms and conditions stipulated thereafter which are an integral part thereof:

  • Portatec offers a 5-year limited warranty, effective as of the date of delivery, upon presentation of a proof of purchase, against all material or workmanship defects, providing the products were used for its intended purpose.
  • PORTATEC transfers to the purchaser the interior door manufacturer’s warranty (Masonite). As such, all Portatec doors are guaranteed 1 year against warping no more than 1/4" (6 mm) as measured across the plane of the door.
  • Portatec guarantees for a 5-year period the original colour paint or stain against cracking, blistering, or scaling caused by normal use. This warranty does not cover gradual and uniform variations in colour which can occur due to excessive sun exposure. The use of thinners, solvents, powerful cleaners, or abrasives on the surface cancels completely this warranty.
  • Variation in the colour or texture, as well as the presence of resin, is an inherent characteristic of natural wood and is not considered a defect under the terms of this warranty.
  • Portatec guarantees for a 5-year period the adhesion of applied mouldings (Nobella Collection), as well as the adhesion of wood inserts (Revolution Collection and Passion Collection) and stainless steel strips.
  • Portatec guarantees for a 6-month period following the date of delivery against any problem in the functioning of hinges or door handles. Parts shall be replaced only if no abuse or improper installation is detected.
  • This warranty does not apply to defects caused by exposure to excessive humidity or condensation.
  • PORTATEC transfers to the purchaser the manufacturer’s warranty, if applicable, for all components supplied with the product.
  • This warranty does not cover defects resulting from improper installation.
  • Portatec offers several door sizes, which may vary +/- 3/16 inches.


Please be advised that this warranty is non-transferable if you resell the product. The original receipt of purchase shall be required for any claim made under the warranty.


Portatec shall not be held responsible for any warping or finish problems if the following recommendations are not followed:

  • Warping and swelling may occur, depending on the season and relative humidity, until the doors become conditioned to the humidity and temperature of the home or building.
  • Portatec interior doors must be delivered to the site after plaster, drywall or cement is completely dry.
  • Hollow-core doors can be more subject to warping than solid-core (soundproofing) doors.
  • Prior to installation, keep the doors away from direct sunlight and sources of extreme heat, cold or humidity.
  • When storing door slabs, keep the doors stacked horizontal and fully supported on the wood pallet, on a level surface. Do not lean the doors vertically against a wall or other structure.
  • Do not install a door in an area where humidity will be extreme, such as in a room that will be repainted or a room in which the concrete slab has recently been poured, or again, in a building located in a high humidity environment where temperature is not yet controlled.
  • For doors equipped with a door closer, Portatec does not recommend the use of stop blocks or wedges to maintain the door open. Their use could cause uneven pressure on the door, which could result in warping.

Shipping and delivery

For your interior door online orders, our goal at Portatec is to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for you from beginning to end, which is why we offer a quality delivery service throughout Québec and Ontario* through one of our transporter partners. Home delivery shipping charges are calculated based on your order’s volume and weight as well as your address. Our team will contact you within 20 to 30 business days following your purchase to schedule a delivery date (delivery window between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.). Interior doors are packaged individually and delivered on a wood pallet. Doors are unloaded from the delivery truck using a lift gate and dropped off outside as close as possible to your home. In case of a delivery to a multi-unit housing (condos or apartments), the pallet will be dropped off as close as possible to the building’s main entrance. Note that any change in delivery service provider must be pre-approved by Portatec at least 5 business days before the delivery. In case of a missed delivery, you will be charged the fees of the second delivery as well as storage fees. An adult of legal age must be present to receive the order and check its status and accuracy.


Need a truck delivery outside of the delivery service area?


We’ll gladly forward you a personalized estimate. Please contact us by email, indicating your postal code as well as a list of the products which interest you, and we’ll get back to you within 3 business days.

Need a “White Glove” delivery service? (2 deliverers, delivery inside your home, 4-hour delivery window, etc.)


Email us all pertinent information (complete address and desired products) in order for us to check the cost and availability of your request. Note that this White Glove delivery service option is only available in some Canadian cities.


Worry-Free Delivery Tips

Before placing your Portatec interior doors order, make sure to carefully measure the height and width of your hallways and pertinent access points to your home, including staircases and elevators, if applicable. Ensure the ordered doors can easily fit through all of these areas. Our interior doors’ dimensions are available on our website, on the products’ page.

For a safe and efficient delivery, ensure free access to your exterior entrance. In case of snow, make sure to clear a non-slippery pathway.

In case of damaged or defective merchandise or an incident occurring at the time of delivery, a note will be added to the delivery slip by the delivery service’s staff indicating the nature of the problem. You will then have the choice of refusing or keeping the merchandise. If you decide to retain the merchandise, you will have to keep all of the products in their original packaging and contact us after the delivery to ensure that appropriate actions are taken.

*Some areas are not serviced by our delivery network. We reserve the right to cancel and reimburse orders which we are unable to deliver.


Factory pick-up

The possibility also exists of picking up your doors for free at our factory located in Ste-Julie, Québec, on the South Shore of Montréal.

  • A confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as your order is ready for pick-up.
  • You will need to present the original receipt or electronic receipt when you come to pick up the order.
  • You will need to arrive with an appropriate vehicle which can ensure the safe transportation of your merchandise in its original packaging. Otherwise, you will need to sign an “as is” product acceptance form, after which Portatec will waive your right of return.
  • Portatec staff will assist you to load the merchandise in your vehicle. However, Portatec will not be held responsible in the event the merchandise cannot be loaded in the vehicle due to the merchandise’s volume or weight.
  • Once ready, orders must be picked up at the factory within 10 business days.
  • Ordered interior doors can be picked up Monday to Friday, between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
  • The possibility also exists of picking your order on Saturdays between 9 a.m. and 12-noon, by appointment only.
  • Portatec is located at 1219-A, rue Principale, Ste-Julie, Québec, J3E 0C3. Note that Portatec’s shipping department is located at the rear of the building, which can be directly accessed through rue Coulombe.


Available shipping options and associated fees will be presented to you at the Shopping Cart step of the online checkout process. Do not hesitate to communicate with us if you have any questions.

Additional information

Door model

Double, Pocket door, Single, Sliding door on rail

Door swing direction

5: inswing opening, hinges on the left and handle on the right, 6: inswing opening, hinges on the right and handle on the left, 7: outswing opening , hinges on the left and handle on the right, 8: outswing opening , hinges on the right and handle on the left, DOUBLE DOOR, OPENING #5 AND #6, Hinges on both sides, inswing, DOUBLE DOOR, OPENING #5, Hinges on left side + STD astragal for semi-operating door on right #6, inswing, DOUBLE DOOR, OPENING #6, Hinges on right side + STD astragal for semi-operating door on left side #5, inswing, DOUBLE DOOR, OPENING #7 AND #8, Hinges on both sides, outswing, DOUBLE DOOR, OPENING #7, Hinges on left side + STD astragal for semi-operating door on right side #8, outswing, DOUBLE DOOR, OPENING #8, Hinges on right side + STD Astragal for semi-operating door on left side #7, outswing, OPENING #5 FOR POCKET DOOR (door slides to the left to enter the wall and slides to the right to close the opening), OPENING #6 FOR POCKET DOOR (door slides to the right to enter the wall and slides to the left to close the opening), Sliding door on rail – No opening side

Door Width

28” Door – Door frame width: 29 ½’’, 30” Door – Door frame width: 31 ½’’, 32” Door – Door frame width: 33 ½’’, 34” Door – Door frame width: 35 ½’’

Door Height

80” Door – Door frame width: 81 ½’’, 84” Door – Door frame width: 85 ½’’, 96” Door – Door frame width: 97 ½’’

Door frame depth (wall depth)

3 5/8", 4 5/8", Nul

Type of door

Hollow-core, Solid-core

Interior side of the door

Apply selected model to the interior side of the door, therefore both sides of the door are identical, The interior side of the door is FLUSH (no model)

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