Avantage Collection

All of our exterior doors from the Avantage Collection are designed to meet your durability, security, and aesthetic needs at a price that will suit your budget. We always make sure our products meet all of Portatec’s high quality criteria. Here is a detailed list of all the elements included in the manufacturing of each steel door from the Avantage Collection.

24-gauge steel door isolated with polyurethane foam, equipped with 1 1/4’’ wood stiles and a factory applied white paint.

1 1/2’’ thick door frame assembled with screws located at head and sill levels to increase its resistance.

Aluminum anodized sill (protective coating to increase durability and prevent oxidation) silver, bronze or black color.

Double weatherstriping system (magnetic and compression, as well as polyflex) for maximum airtightness.

Vinyl edge cap on both the handle and hinges sides. Protects the wood stiles of the door slab outline.

12’’ security bar installed on the door frame to increase protection against breaking and entering.

Ball bearing hinges, which reduce friction when the door is opened.

Top quality bottom sweep adjustable weatherstrip, with no visible screws.

Wide variety of frame claddings in PVC or aluminium to complement your door finish.