Steel Doors

Porte-entree-simple-acier-PortatecConsumers’ number one choice for the last 20 years, steel doors offer the best value for price. Durable and almost maintenance-free, Portatec steel doors are assembled with two galvanized steel sheets over a strong wood structure. The central core is injected with polyurethane foam, which provides superior thermal insulation. Furthermore, our door frame, assembled with screws at the head and sill levels to increase its resistance, also comes with a sill made of anodized aluminium: a chemical process which will greatly increase the door sill’s durability and prevent oxidation. Choose from our wide variety of models the one that best suits your style.

Because you have the right to demand and expect the very best for your door and window renovation projects, we always make sure our products meet all of Portatec’s high quality criteria. Portatec steel doors are only assembled with the highest quality of raw materials:

Hot dipped galvanized steel skin, 24 or 22 gauge, folded at a 90 degree angle on head and bottom rail level in order to offer precision assembling and rigidity to the door panel.

Door panel core isolated with injected with poured-in-place polyurethane foam, which provides an isolation R-value of R-11.69.

Finger jointed pine stiles and rails, which provide maximum rigidity to the door panel, protected with vinyl cap that will ensure a low-maintenance for your steel door. A composite bottom rail that is moisture and decay resistant.

Lock area reinforced with a 3’’ x 18’’ wood block, providing added security and a solid support for any type of door handleset.

Portatec offers you 2 different steel entry door Collections in order to adapt to any situation you might be facing during your door and window renovation projects: the Avantage Collection and the Portatec Collection.