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3 simple steps to help you find out what your new Portatec entry door system will look like installed at your home. (See the 3 steps below…)



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    Step 1 : Take a picture of your front house. Then dowload the picture on your computer. To use your front house picture in the program, click on the button named «Choose file…» to go and get your picture where you previously downloaded it on your computer. As an example, we already uploaded  some front home pictures which you can use in order to try out the program if you do not have a picture of your own home handy.

    Step 2 : Click on the «Step 2 – Doors» section. Click on the arrow pointing down underneath the «Search by category» line and choose a category which will best suit the door style you wish to remplace. Then select the sub-category you are interested in.

    Step 3 : Click on the door system you like. You will then be able to resize the picture by clicking on the bottom right corner and then place it in the right place on the front house. The name of the door model, the description and the manufacturer suggested retail price ***(MSRP) will automatically appear underneath.

    To change your door model, select the door you previously choose and drag it out of the picture frame. Then click on another door model and follow step 3 again.

    *** The price displayed is based only on the features included with the description of the selected product. Final price may vary due to the choice of additional options as well as ajustments on the dimensions required to fill the space of your entry system. All taxes are not included in the price. For more complete and accurate information regarding the price of one of our entry door systems, contact us in the WHERE TO BUY? Section in order to get a complete estimate from the Portatec door retailer nearest to you.