Decorative door glass has evolved greatly over the last 25 years, both in terms of design and assembly techniques. Door glass inserts now constitute architectural elements of their own, without any compromise in light, safety, or eco-energetic performance.

The arrival of contemporary-inspired textured door glass has rejuvenated the market of architectural glass and decorative patterned glass products.

To enhance the look and value of your home – and maximise its curb appeal -, find out about the latest trends in textured glass and patterned glass.

Zoom in on the Top 5 textured glass inspirations of 2019!

5. Square-Pattern Textured Glass

Unquestionably more modern, these textured glass models, such as the Soft or MSoft models, feature a contemporary square pattern. Their refined detailing and texture provide remarkable character and light.

Aluminium Mullions and Astragals
Aluminium Mullions and Astragals
4. Wavy-Pattern Textured Glass

These modern textured glasses, such as the Fluid or Grain models, are valued for their more natural and organic contemporary looks, their fresh flowy lines reminiscent of the movement of water or tree bark. Simple and soothing, these patterns surely never fail to please.

3. Screen-Like Glass

An extremely fine square pattern defines this glass, giving it a clean look with a slight industrial touch. An elegant and smart choice for a front entry door requiring both light and privacy.

Aluminium Mullions and Astragals

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2. Striped Glass

Several textured glass models featuring a horizontal strip or vertical strip pattern are available on the market, among others the Masterline, Mline, Linea, and Linata. Alternating often times between clear glass and Screen-type glass, these glass models are the perfect complement to contemporary modern entry doors with sophisticated linear designs.

1. White Sandblasted Glass or Satin Glass

White sandblasted or satin textured glass models are greatly appreciated thanks to their timeless clean look and the greater privacy they provide. Several variations exist, all very soft and sleek, such as Satin Glass, which as the name implies is smooth and glossy, or Sandblasted Glass, which has an elegant soft grainy texture. For its part, the newer Edge model reinvents the Sandblasted Glass model by adding a clear border around the edge, for maximum privacy and visibility, appealing equally to both classic and contemporary styles. A refined look synonymous with success, assuredly. Finally, classic frosted glass, which is either sandblasted or acid-etched, also creates a satin effect, but it is much more translucent, making it much less private.

Aluminium Mullions and Astragals

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