Doors and windows : Are you a Patio door or a Garden door type ?

This is of course, one of the many questions you will need to answer when the time comes to change your doors and windows but it would be a shame to overlook it’s importance. After all, the door giving you access to your backyard deserves to be treated with respect before making a choice in this matter. So, patio door or garden door ? Before giving an answer, several elements need to be considered :

The frequency at which the door is used. As an example, do you use this door only to ventilate the house in the spring or in the fall season ? If so, aim toward a patio door. On the other hand, the garden door will be more adapted for those who use it as the main access to their home.

Enough space inside the house. Essential for adequate operation of a garden door opening toward the inside. In case of insufficient space, a patio door would be a better choice. You can of course choose a garden door opening toward the outside but be aware that this is not an ideal solution from an aesthetic point of view because the door sill which is generally positioned outside will be found inside the house.

Visibility an light. Be advised that the glass surface of a patio door is approximately 33% bigger than the one of a garden door.

Opening size and air entry. For those of you who want maximum air entry, it would be wise to choose a garden door; more specifically a model where the secondary door is equipped with an operating post allowing both doors to be opened when needed. You can also combine this set-up with a double screen system (sliding or opening both sides) for maximum ventilation.

Never forget that the choices you make regarding door and window renovation will have a direct impact on your everyday life inside your home. Therefore always take the time to give these matters a great deal of thought before reaching a decision because you will have to live with it for many years to come.

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