Doors and windows : Water infiltration problems ?

Water infiltrations can become really harmful for your home. They can damage interior facing and help create mould. Of course, your doors and windows will always remain an element to keep an eye on on a regular basis regarding possible risks of water infiltration.

First step in verifying your doors and windows : the inspection of the sealant condition. We need to make sure that it still sticks and is ”crack free”. Of course, it is important to remplace the sealant if needed.

Then, verify all water draining holes on your doors and windows : located at the door sill level and at the bottom of the windows. Make sure that nothing is blocking them. Be advised that some lesser quality window products might not have any draining holes which could of course increase the risks of water infiltration.

The next step would be to carefully inspect the shape of the material including assembling pieces and all components of your doors and windows. As time passes by, contraction and expansion of door and window materials and components eventually creates tiny spaces which could further water infiltration.

Keep in mind that there will always be a possibility that water could penetrate your walls through even the tinniest cracks. We need to understand that water will inevitabely follow all wall sufaces, including those of doors and windows. Water is bound to look for the shortest way to reach the ground and therefore cracks all around doors and windows will offer excellent shortcuts.

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