Lauréat Bronze | Grand Prix du Design

The Portatec team is very proud to be among the «bronze» winners of the Grand Prize in Design, in the category «Special awards/ Wood material enhancement in industrial & product design».

Our interior door collections «Revolution» and «Passion» delighted the members of the jury during the 14th edition of the prestigious competition.

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Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

A front door represents a great deal more than a mere utilitarian entrance gate.

Rather, it is testament to its residents’ personality, in addition to setting the “tone” for the entire front facade.

This is why doing business with a specialized door and window manufacturer is the key to obtaining a premium quality custom product that will meet all of your needs. Only an entrance door maker specialized in custom-made entry doors has the ability of designing a product of such a high quality that it will leave your guests in total awe.

Read on to discover the 10 main reasons why your new entry door will impress your family and friends

10. Accessories.

Accessories allow you to personalize your front door and improve its functionality even more specifically. Accessories include decorative panel mouldings, bells, knockers, door viewers (peep holes), German letter box (mail slot), and distinctive framings. An efficient accessory choice can definitely help your front entry door stand out and enhance not only its esthetics but also its practicality.

9. Hybrid Product.

A Canadian exterior door manufacturer has successfully mastered the art of designing hybrid entry door systems. This means two completely different design styles inside and outside. For example, a more traditional country look on the outside combined with a sleek contemporary look inside. Your wish can now become reality! Or, what if you want the sturdiness of an exterior steel entry door, yet would prefer the beautiful character of wood inside? This is also now possible. In short, your options are truly limitless and bound only by your imagination. When you don’t know what to choose, choose a hybrid door.

8. Size.

If space and volume allow for it, consider buying an oversized product. When done tastefully, it’s not only your entire front facade that benefits from it, but also your overall home value. Seek the help of a specialized manufacturer to create a spectacular door that will undoubtedly make a statement.

About us:
Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

7. Ease of Operation.

It’s well known, premium quality doors designed by specialized manufacturers operate exceptionally well. Opening and closing are carried out effortlessly, without any friction. Your guests will definitely notice your front door’s smooth performance, a clear indicator of a superior quality product.

6. Uniqueness.

You dream of an original one-of-a-kind entry door? You have a very clear and specific idea for your door, but such model doesn’t exist in the traditional “off-the-shelf” market? Then call upon door experts! Their team of designers will help you create your dream door, the one that you will meet exactly all of your needs. Dazzle your guests with an exceptional door.

5. Door Handle.

If there is one thing your friends and family will certainly manipulate during their visit, it’s your door handle! Impress them with a tubular or rectangular pull bar handle or an ultra-safe yet easy-to-operate multi-point handle set system. To ensure optimal performance, have it professionally installed by experts in the factory.

4. Type of Glass.

We are not talking about classic thermopane windows here, but rather stained glass windows, these coloured pieces of glass often assembled in a lead framework. Very few manufacturers these days still offer the option of inserting stained glass in a door window. Yet, this thousand-year-old art tradition has no equivalence when it comes to light fluctuations and decoration.

3. Colour.

It is commonly said that your entry door colour is a reflection of who you are. So what does your door say about you? Are you composed and subtle like gray? Optimistic and surprising like yellow? Energetic and nostalgic like red? Traditional and calm like blue? Or, rather chic and classic like black? Dare to be bold. Some specialized door and window manufacturers are even capable of creating customized colours based on a sample.

2. Material.

Why not be charmed, day after day, by a high-quality door material? Solid and sturdy, a 22- or 24-gauge galvanized steel door coated with an ultra-resistant paint exhibits a nice sleek and polished finish. Wood, with its character and unequalled richness, will always remain a coveted material. Durable and extremely resistant to shocks, fiberglass doors with a textured wood-grain finish that can be painted or stained distinguish themselves by their high level of refinement and sophistication. With all of these available options, do not hesitate to innovate and differentiate yourself from the generic bland doors sold in big box stores.

1. Look.

Finally, choosing adequately the right front door style for your house is vital. Contemporary or country? Classic or avant-garde? The architectural style of your entry door must absolutely fit with your house’s architecture. When building a new luxurious contemporary home, make sure to choose wisely: opt for a door manufacturer specialized in contemporary style designs. Do not let a common and insignificant door ruin your front facade. There must be concordance in both the looks and the quality.

In need of inspiration for your front entry door? Contact Portatec, a Canadian premium door and window manufacturer specializing in custom entry doors for the last 35 years.

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

It would be easy to think that all outdoor construction and renovation work comes to a complete halt once the cold season arrives. Many people would hesitate to install, say, an exterior door or exterior windows at the end of fall or in the midst of winter.

Yet, it is possible!

And there are numerous advantages to changing your fenestration products during this industry’s slow season. Notwithstanding a few minor limitations, benefits are more than interesting and definitely worth taking into consideration. You be the judge!

Advantages of Installing a Doors or Windows During the Winter

1. Better Installation Price:

The first advantage to choosing to install your doors or windows during winter is the lower installation price you will likely obtain. This is a simple matter of “Supply and Demand”: since professional installers are not as busy, they’re often more open to negotiate their price. And, rest assured: professional installation teams easily adapt to all conditions, including cold winter ones.

2. Competitive Pricing for your Fenestration Products:

When you do business with a specialized door and window manufacturer, it is often possible to negotiate the price of your purchase during winter. Indeed, during their quieter season, local manufacturers regularly offer discounts on their products. Since the cost of a new exterior door or new windows can sometimes represent a substantial investment for some, waiting for competitive winter pricing can be a wise choice.

3. Shorter deadlines:

Again, since winter is quieter in the fenestration industry, you often enjoy tighter deadlines all around, be it for production, delivery, or installation. The entire timeline shrinks: your products are manufactured faster, thus they can be delivered faster, and they can often times be installed… faster. A substantial advantage, assuredly!

About us:
Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

Limitations to Installing a Door or Window in Winter

Are there any real drawbacks to going ahead with the installation of exterior doors or windows when it’s cold outside?

No. Products will fulfill their function just as well, and their installation, if done by professionals, will be just as good and efficient. Nevertheless, two minor limitations must still be taken into consideration.

First, the temperature. The minimum temperature threshold required for the installation of a door in winter, or the installation of a window in winter, is minus 10 degrees Celsius (-10 ˚C), because of the sealant which must be applied on the products’ outer periphery. Below this temperature, sealants do not adhere properly, rendering caulking joints inefficient.

Second, bad weather. In the event of a big winter storm or if a heavy snow fall is forecasted, it is most likely that your installation will be rescheduled (for your own good). Yet, keep in mind that the risk of bad weather exists all year long. Indeed, heavy rain falls in the spring or searing summer heat waves could also cause one’s installation to be postponed.

Installing Doors and Windows During Winter? Yes!

So, to the question “when to install doors and windows?”, the answer is now clear: anytime all year around, even during winter! But only as long as you do business with professional manufacturers and hire professional installers, as they will be able to accomplish the work required efficiently and quickly.

Note that the period of exposure to the cold only lasts approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Competent installers know how to best prepare their worksite in order to limit the duration of this brief discomfort and rapidly seal the product. The indoor and outdoor finishing typically requires the longest amount of time… but, by then, the “hole” is already closed!

For additional recommendations regarding the installation of doors or windows – even in winter! –, do not hesitate to contact Portatec, a Canadian premium door and window manufacturer specializing in custom entry doors for the last 35 years.

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.