Advantages of Portatec windows

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Create a bright atmosphere in your home with our Portatec windows, which can be tailored to fit all opening sizes, even the largest. Our windows also come in a wide variety of models to meet all of your needs. Moreover, their renowned energy efficiency will guarantee exceptional comfort in your home.

Our window models

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All our windows comply with the NAFS standards required by the National Building Code and are ENERGY STAR® certified.

Choice of material

Customize your window to your tastes and needs

With their high-quality sealed units, our PVC windows are renowned for their high energy efficiency and excellent airtightness. They are also easy to maintain. Order them in bright white or any other colour to match your facade.

The combination of aluminium and PVC provides better structural strength for larger windows. Maximize your home’s brightness with the robustness of aluminium and the energy efficiency of PVC. Neat finish and ultra-resistant electrostatic paint.

Aluminium combines elegance and exceptional durability. Available in a wide selection of colours, aluminium is a stable, weatherproof, and corrosion-resistant material. It also allows you to create oversized openings for windows that stand out.

Features of Portatec windows

Enjoy our products’ exceptional features

Triple pane

Increase the comfort of your home with our windows unmatched thermal and sound performance.

Triple weatherstripping system

Prevent winter from infiltrating your home! With their triple weatherstripping system, our windows offer exceptional airtightness.

ULTRA Resistant paint

Your windows withstand years and weather, retaining their original beauty. Our electrostatic paint does not chip and ensures remarkable durability.

Stainless steel hardware

Stainless steel is known for its strength and durability. That’s why Portatec has chosen this material for its top-quality windows.

Multipoint locking system

Our windows are equipped with multipoint locks for security reasons, to limit the risk of break-ins.

20-Year warranty on window panes

At Portatec, we are extremely confident in the quality of our products. That’s why we offer an exceptional 20-year warranty on our window panes.

Thermos triple

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Customization of your windows

Create the window you want

Discover the options available to customize your windows to perfectly match your facade and interior.

Customize your windows to the exact color you want. In addition to the standard colours we offer, we can create custom colours to match perfectly with your facade and interior design. A simple and effective way to make your home stand out in the neighbourhood!

Our hybrid (aluminium/PVC) and all-aluminium window models allow you to enlarge your openings for more light and exceptional spaciousness. Transform your interior with the luxurious touch of oversized Portatec windows.

Our Portatec brand guarantees durable products that withstand the test of time and weather. Our high standards in the selection of materials, both for triple pane glass and PVC or aluminum extrusions, ensure that our windows stand out from the competition. Choosing our windows means that you will not encounter any deformation or warping problems in the future.


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