Door and window fabricant specialized in premium custom entry doors since 1984, Portatec is innovating this year with the release of their all-new exclusive interior door Collections.

Their interior doors, like their exterior doors, distinguish themselves not only by their significantly superior quality, but also their unique and modern contemporary designs.

Portatec Interior Doors’ Numerous Advantages:

Sandstone | Oak - Malmo
“Turnkey” Interior Doors

Portatec interior doors are purposefully designed as “turnkey” products.
This means that these products are entirely factory fabricated, painted/stained, and pre-machined. Upon delivery, these products are entirely finished and ready for installation.

No more purchasing half-completed generic products requiring tools, time, and expertise to actually finish them properly.

An installation guide and kit are always provided with the purchase of every interior door product. Portatec truly thinks of everything for you!

Personalized Interior Doors
RE-4-I | Ambiance | Minerai de fer | Ébène | Vernis clair

Portatec deliberately chose to create strong design interior doors that add value to the home’s sought-after sensory experience.

Their 6 interior door Collections were effectively created to meet the market’s high-end needs for unique contemporary and modern top-quality products.

Note that every door is individually designed according to your selections: your door truly becomes an integral architectural element of your décor. Similarly to other decorative elements of your home, your doors can finally become a true reflection of your style.

Choosing from one of the numerous customizable models offered, personalize your doors by selecting the colour(s), type of door, or featured decorative elements.

In short: your doors, your choice.

Electric Night
Soundproof Interior Doors

For greater privacy and soundproofing, all Portatec interior door models can be assembled using a solid-core door (soundproof). Soundproof doors are also greatly appreciated for their superior durability and sturdiness.

Note that some of the models are only offered as solid-core doors (soundproof) due to their structural strength requirements.

About us:
Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

Online Purchase

Attentive to their clients’ needs, Portatec understands that the interior design market is evolving. This is why Portatec now offers the opportunity of creating and buying unique high-quality interior doors entirely online, from the comfort of your home. Just a few clicks, et voilà! Welcome to the 2.0 design era.

Buy online
Zen | ZEN-1
Home Delivery Available

Once your order is completed, you may pick it up at the factory (for free) or choose to have it home delivered (with additional shipping fees).

If you have selected a handle, Portatec provides its free installation for all factory pick-up orders. However, note that, for home delivery orders, the handle is shipped non-installed, in a box separately.

6 All-New Portatec Interior Door Collections

The design team at Portatec has created 6 new exclusive premium interior door Collections which shall meet the highest requirements of professional interior designers.

For the satin finish paint, a choice of 20 standard colours is available. However, you could also opt for a personalized colour.

For the wood veneer inserts or flush veneer clad doors, 6 wood veneer species are available: birch, oak, and maple (14 stain colours or clear varnish), or walnut, bamboo, and ebony (clear varnish only).

Zen Collection

Clean minimalist door models, with sleek horizontal and/or vertical embossed grooves. Choice of 20 standard colours or personalized colour option. Hollow-core or solid-core doors.

Discover the Zen collection

Apricot jam
Nobella Collection

Highly elegant, more classic door models, featuring flat or traditional Georgian mouldings (3 or 4 panels). Choice of 20 standard colours or personalized colour option. Hollow-core or solid-core doors.

Discover the Nobella Collection

Modernox Collection

Ultra-modern and refined, these door models feature applied stainless steel strips for a slightly industrial, chic look. Choice of 20 standard colours or personalized colour option. Hollow-core or solid-core doors.

Discover the Modernox Collection

Bright Red
Cloud White | Oak - Chestnut Brown
Revolution Collection

The epitome of contemporary modern design! These unique state-of-the-art urban design door models combine wood veneer inserts and applied stainless steel strips. A true revolution in the Québec world of interior doors!

Choice of 20 standard colours or personalized colour option. For the wood veneer inserts, 6 species are available: birch, oak, maple, walnut, bamboo, or ebony. Solid-core doors only.

Discover the Revolution Collection

Passion Collection

State-of-the-art contemporary door models with an organic clean look entirely cladded with natural wood veneers, with or without applied stainless steel strips.

Six (6) wood veneer species available: birch, oak, maple, walnut, bamboo, or ebony. Solid-core doors only.

Discover the Passion Collection

Gobi Dunes
Mimosa Bouquet
Pure Collection

With their clean minimalist look, these ultra-sleek flush door models are a testimony to simple high quality interior doors. Choice of 20 standard colours or personalized colour option. Hollow-core or solid-core doors.

Discover Pure Collection

For more details on Portatec’s all-new interior door Collections or to purchase products online, visit

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

When it comes to doors and windows, security is a highly relevant concern. Every opening constitutes a critical point in the exterior envelope. To improve the security of your entry door and, in turn, the security of your home, take note of these 5 security measures implemented by Portatec. Portatec is a Québec-based door and window manufacturer specialized in custom premium entry doors.

5. Extruded Aluminium Mullions and Astragals (Operating Posts)

On the traditional door and window market, mullions and astragals – those vertical structural elements, fixed or movable, separating doors or windows – are often made with PVC. Well, not at Portatec. Portatec makes theirs in extruded aluminium for maximum quality and security. More specifically, their high-performance astragals, which are sturdy, easy to use, and made of a single lever located at shoulder level (which simultaneously triggers two anchor points at the top and bottom of the door), allow the complete and unobstructed opening of double doors (for example, French doors).

Aluminium Mullions and Astragals
Aluminium Cadded Frame
4. Extruded Aluminium Cladded Frame (Optional)

At Portatec, house door security is a priority. This is why Portatec offers the option of cladding your entry door’s frame in extruded aluminium. Extruded aluminium is much sturdier and more resistant than the aluminium traditionally offered on the market, which is often a 26-gauge folded aluminum, or PVC. For optimal security, the key to success is to use superior quality materials.

3. Thicker 22-Gauge Steel

Portatec is THE expert in custom high-end steel doors. Their expertise can be noticed, among other ways, in their use of 22-gauge steel, much thicker than the 24- or 26-gauge commonly provided. The smaller the number, the thicker the steel, and, in turn, greater are the sturdiness, quality, and security.

Thicker Steel

About us:
Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

2. Multi-Point Door Handles (Optional)

A frequent recommendation concerning exterior door security is to integrate a multi-point handleset system. Factory-installed by experts, these 3-point locking systems ensure increased protection against breaking and entering, the two additional anchor points at the top and bottom effectively representing two additional deadlocks. In addition to improving door airtightness, multi-point handles also help provide greater stability and prevent warping. For peace of mind and sound sleep, make the safe choice of a 3-point locking system.

1. Security Bars

Finally, to help prevent breaking and entering, all Portatec doors include a 12-inch 22-gauge steel security bar hidden into the frame at handle level. Whether we’re talking about fiberglass, steel or wood door security, it matters little as Portatec integrates this security measure in all of their entry door systems.

Security Bars

For more information on front entry door security – and greater peace of mind! -, communicate today with Portatec to obtain a free quote. Located on the South Shore of Montreal, Portatec is a door and window manufacturer specialized in custom premium entry doors since 1984.

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

Since 1984, the door and window specialist designers at Portatec have been designing custom premium entry doors which distinguish themselves by their uniqueness as much as their unparalleled superior quality. Portatec’s mission: creating distinctive doors, exclusive doors.

Successfully combining innovative designs and state-of-the-art assembly techniques, Portatec continues to set itself apart in the industry thanks to its unrivalled ability to produce truly “custom-made” exterior doors. All of its door models can effectively be modified, adapted, reinvented, recovered (you name it!) during the initial – and oh! so very crucial – step of creation.

Whether you are a trend-setter or you wish to celebrate the traditional prestigious character of your home, Portatec’s home entry doors will indubitably meet all of your needs, no matter how particular they may be.

In this respect, read on about these 5 exclusive Portatec products which you won’t find anywhere else.

1. Steel Arched Door

Portatec is the only specialized door manufacturer offering custom steel arched doors. Visit its website to look at past creations and appreciate its unrivalled original work. For example, notice the double front entry French steel doors with an arched top frame, or the front entry steel door with a ½-round head frame.

produits portatec
2. Wood-Finish Steel Door (Exterior and/or Interior)

Only one manufacturer in Québec can provide you with a steel door with each side featuring a different wood finish. Thanks to a unique process developed in-house, its craftsmen can effectively apply two distinct wood species finishes on the steel slab’s exterior and interior surfaces in order to fulfill all of your style and design needs, yet without any compromise on durability.

3. Fiberglass Doors With Solid Wood Door Frames

Another Portatec exclusivity! For an authentic and refined look, consider installing a fiberglass door with a solid wood door frame stained to colour match the door’s stain. The very best of both worlds: the durability and solidity of fiberglass combined to the richness of wood.

produits portatec

About us:
Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

Custom manufacturing
4. 100% Custom Designs (Hybrid Doors)

On the exterior door market, Portatec is the only supplier having the full capacity of designing a door exactly as per the client’s wishes, whichever way they want it. Customers can follow their inspiration and coordinate various materials, models, colours (paints and stains), styles, and accessories, both inside and outside (hybrid door). Portatec truly offers a creative fresh slate. Forget about uninspiring bland models commonly offered in big-box stores; instead, meet with one of our specialists to create your original dream door. Note that Portatec also offers a wide selection of contemporary doors that can be entirely customized.

5. Unique Surface-Applied Decorative Moulding and Panel Designs

The custom door expert, Portatec has developed over the years its own extrusion process (steel, wood) and moulds in order to create exceptional decorative moulding, shelf, and panel designs that are applied on the surface. For example, a door can feature both a decorative dentil shelf and a decorative wainscoting panel, in addition to a custom-made decorative glass unit. If you can imagine it, Portatec can make it.

For more information on exclusive exterior doors, do not hesitate to contact Portatec. Come visit its factory showroom located on the South Shore of Montreal.

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

A Quebec door and window manufacturer specialized in premium custom entry doors, Portatec has been the leader in the industry and continuously distinguishing itself since its establishment in 1984. Their unique and refined high-quality products are carefully designed to meet every client’s specific needs and wishes.

In greater details, here are 10 reasons why you should always choose a door fabricated by Portatec.

10. The Possibility of Visiting the Manufacturing Plant.

Located on the Montreal’s South Shore in Sainte-Julie, Portatec is proud to be able to welcome you directly to its design and manufacturing site. You can always expect a warm welcome and personalized service as well as the opportunity to visit the facility in person, where all of the craftsmanship takes place. Transparency and integrity are both core values of Portatec’s business philosophy, which is why you are always welcome in their facility.

9. Made in Québec.

Portatec doors are fabricated entirely in the province of Québec, in Canada. Through the years, their local designers and craftsmen have developed a coveted “know-how”, innovative assembly techniques as well as inspiring and stylish designs, working always with high-quality durable materials suitable to Québec’s climate.

Doors made in Quebec
Professional Team
8. A Professional and Competent Team All Around.

Portatec’s sales team cumulates numerous years of experience in the door and window business. Over time, their sales representatives have reached an unparalleled level of expertise and competency. Their seasoned expert installers also have all of the training and qualifications required to perform efficient, conscientious installations.

About us:
Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

7. Manufacturing Autonomy.

Portatec holds a great level of autonomy and flexibility over its production capacity as every step of the fabrication process is carried out under one single roof, including the paint and stain application. By eliminating possible subcontractors or intermediaries, Portatec chose to be self-sufficient in order to reduce cost, for its clients’ greatest benefit. Highly valued at Portatec, manufacturing independence benefits all.

Manufacturing autonomy
Matériaux de qualité
6. Unique Materials.

Specialized in custom exterior doors, Portatec offers a wide variety of high-quality materials to meet all of your needs in terms of style, size, and colour, while also taking into account your budget and environment. For example, Portatec makes textured wood-grain finish fiber-glass doors that truly resemble solid-wood doors but that are less costly, more durable, and much easier to maintain, with the possibility of selecting a solid wood frame unique to Portatec. Whether it is a steel door, wood door, or fiberglass door, Portatec assuredly has the solution for you.

5. Custom Manufacturing.

Therein lies the true expertise of Portatec: fabricating personalized door products created and designed as per your exact wishes. All of your front entry door’s features can be selected independently: the model, the style, the material, the colour, the size, the accessories, etc. If you can imagine it, Portatec can make it for you.

Portes sur mesure
4. Design Flexibility (Hybrid Doors).

Portatec is particularly proud to be the only door manufacturer in all of Québec to offer exterior hybrid doors that can integrate two completely different looks inside and outside. For example, imagine a painted maintenance-free steel door on the outside combined with a stained wood door on the inside as part of a modernized country home’s renovation project. Or else, a “country chic” textured, durable wood-grain finish fiber-glass door combined with an ultra crisp, contemporary interior. Options are truly limitless and bound only by your imagination.

3. Unique Designs.

Portatec’s design team is always at the forefront of the door industry and never hesitates to develop bold new stylish products. Special attention should be drawn, for example, to their European-inspired contemporary steel doors collection, which proposes refined esthetics featuring wood and metal elements. Portatec is successful at continually improving and distinguishing itself by creating innovative products positively different from those offered traditionally on the market.

Hybrid door
Professional Craftsmanship
2. Professional Craftsmanship.

Every manufacturing step of a Portatec entry door is carried out in the factory by professional and passionate craftsmen, who have committed over the years to making premium quality products. Day after day, they accomplish accurate meticulous work, from the assembly and the paint or stain and to the final packaging. This highly successful fabrication process is the result of continuous development and improvement over decades of door-making.

1. Specialized Door Manufacturer Since 1984.

Portatec’s long-lasting success and its capacity to remain at the cutting-edge of the industry are the result of its incessant eagerness to distinguish itself and innovate. Since 1984, Portatec has been building its name and credibility one door at a time, one client at a time.

Door Manufacturer Since 1984

For all of these reasons, and much more, contact Portatec or visit its website today to design the perfect door to meet your greatest aspirations.

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

Smart phones, smart thermostats, smart alarm systems, smart smoke detectors… these days, everything is seemingly becoming “intelligent”!

The door and window industry also plays an active role in this technological progress with the installation of smart door locks.

Smart locks, electronic locks, Bluetooth locks, Wi-Fi locks, electric locks, intelligent handles… What exactly are we talking about?

What is a Smart Lock?

A smart door lock, also called connected lock, is an electronic lock that can be locked and unlocked using a wireless signal sent from a remote control accessory such as a smart phone or an electronic key fob.

Different communication protocols can be chosen according to your needs, for example, Bluetooth or Z-Wave for a short-range connection or Wi-Fi for a long-distance connection.

Installed on your door, the smart lock device includes a battery-powered electric motor which, upon receiving a signal, operates a lever and engages the deadbolt. Rest assured, using a traditional physical key always remains a possibility and several locks also include a numeric keypad or a fingerprint reader. Some even integrates a voice control function (Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant).

Thanks to their mobile application, most smart locks allow you to, among other things, remotely monitor entries and exits (with push notifications), distribute virtual “e-keys” to guests, and remotely lock/unlock the door.

Here is a list of popular smart lock brands and models: Baldwin Evolved, Schlage (Encode, Sense, and Connect), Kwikset KEVO, August (Pro, Bluetooth, and 3rd Gen), Yale, and Gate Labs.

Is This Domotics?

Home automation, or domotics, refers to all of the techniques aiming to integrate and centralize all automated building functions pertaining to safety, energy, communication, etc. in a home or a business.

Essentially, domotics allow you to possibly control everything in your home or other (lighting, heating, locks, blinds and curtains, appliances,… etc.) using a smart phone, computer or interface (e.g. tablet).

Installing one smart lock by itself does not constitute domotics, yet it could represent a component of it when integrated to a centralized management system, integration being the key concept here.

Smart Doorbells

Yes, smart doorbells also exist!

Fitted with a wireless camera, smart doorbells allow you to see clearly and in real time the action taking place before your entry door. Some also include a directional audio function, enabling you to even communicate verbally with your guests using your smart phone.

A Few Other Considerations

Find out about the battery life of your smart door lock, which may vary anywhere between 2 and 12 months depending on your communication protocol and level of use.

Finally, when purchasing a new entry door, if you are considering the installation of a smart door lock, it is best to opt for a specialized door manufacturer offering factory installation. This way, the installation will assuredly be done by professionals and as such carry fewer risks.

For more information on smart door locks, communicate with Portatec, a premium door and window manufacturer specialized in custom entry doors since 1984.

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

In Canada, our winters can be long and cold. Although many among us have come to appreciate their harshness, either through picking up skiing or having learned to build impressive snowmen, for some others, however, the cold climate is still and foremost synonymous with energy losses, energy costs, and discomfort.

According to Natural Resources Canada, space heating represents on average 63% of the energy used in Canadian homes. Moreover, they specifically identify windows as being responsible for up to 25% of all heat losses in our homes. In the case of an older house, overall air leaks can even account for up to 40% of total heat losses.

So, what can you we do to maximise our home’s energy performance? Which energy labels and programs exist to help us ensure a successful energy transition?

Energy Star

ENERGY STAR® Doors and Windows

When buying new doors and windows, make sure to look for the ENERGY STAR® certification, an international label guaranteeing high-energy efficiency.

In Canada, the ENERGY STAR® name and symbol are managed by Natural Resources Canada and used to certify a wide selection of products meeting the strictest technical criteria with regards to energy efficiency. An additional designation, ENERGY STAR Most Efficient, is also awarded every year to products showing the very best energy performance in their category.

All ENERGY STAR® doors, windows, and skylights reduce energy loss and condensation. According to Hydro-Québec, these energy-efficient models are effectively 20% to 40% more efficient than traditional ones. Financially, this higher efficiency represents savings of up to 10% on heating costs.

Natural Resources Canada attests that windows which received the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation (and met the highest performance specifications) are up to 40% more efficient than standard double-pane windows. Choosing higher-efficiency ENERGY STAR® windows hence represents a smart financial decision.

Maison haute efficacité

The RénoVert Tax Credit

The Québec Government is still offering its refundable tax credit for eco-friendly home renovation work: the RénoVert Tax Credit.

The eligibility period for recognized renovation work has been extended to March 31, 2019. The product order must be completed before this date; however, the installation, itself, can be done later. As expected, the replacement and addition of doors, windows, and skylights with ENERGY STAR®-certified models appear on the recognized renovation work list.

The maximum amount you can claim is $10,000, which represents 20% of the portion of your expenses exceeding the first non-admissible $2,500 and paid between March 17, 2016 and January 1, 2020.

All work must be completed by a qualified contractor. Finally, this program is open to owners and co-owners of a single-family home, prefabricated house or mobile home, condominium, or winterized cottage, among others.

About us:
Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

The Rénoclimat Program: Advice and Financial Assistance

Created by the Gouvernement du Québec in 2017, the organization Transition énergétique Québec (TEQ) initiated the Rénoclimat Program with the aim of helping citizens improve their home’s energy efficiency.

The advisory portion of this Program includes, among others, home visits and personalised consultations to help reduce energy consumption as well as pre/post-renovation-work energy evaluations.

In particular, a blower door test can be carried out using a special device to assess the airtightness of your home. With the resulting measures, air leaks can easily be located, thus enabling owners to better seal their house. And better airtightness not only means greater comfort, it also implies lower energy bills.

The financial assistance portion of the Program, if you are eligible, can be applied toward improving insulation or airtightness, replacing doors or windows, and installing or replacing mechanical systems (such as ventilation or heating systems). The same renovation work could also be eligible to the RénoVert Tax Credit mentioned above: make sure to inquire.

In the case of door or window replacement, the new ones must absolutely be ENERGY STAR®-certified and note that their frames must also be replaced in order to benefit from the $60 per rough opening provided in this Program.

Novo Climat

Novoclimat Program: Construction of New High-Energy Performance Homes

TEQ also created another program, the Novoclimat Program, this one to encourage the construction of new, high-energy performance homes. The immediate financial assistance offered as part of this program can be quite interesting.

Long-term advantages of new Novoclimat houses also are numerous and include, among others, greater comfort as well as 20% savings on energy bills.

You probably guessed by now – and rightly so – that only the installation of ENERGY-STAR®-certified doors and windows is authorized, due to their greater airtightness and energy efficiency.

For more information on TEQ’s Rénoclimat and Novoclimat Programs, and to find out whether you are eligible, visit

To purchase energy-efficient doors and windows, do not hesitate to contact Portatec, a Canadian manufacturer specialized in premium door and window since 1984.

In need of inspiration for your front entry door? Contact Portatec, a Canadian premium door and window manufacturer specializing in custom entry doors for the last 35 years.

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.

A front door represents a great deal more than a mere utilitarian entrance gate.

Rather, it is testament to its residents’ personality, in addition to setting the “tone” for the entire front facade.

This is why doing business with a specialized door and window manufacturer is the key to obtaining a premium quality custom product that will meet all of your needs. Only an entrance door maker specialized in custom-made entry doors has the ability of designing a product of such a high quality that it will leave your guests in total awe.

Read on to discover the 10 main reasons why your new entry door will impress your family and friends

10. Accessories.

Accessories allow you to personalize your front door and improve its functionality even more specifically. Accessories include decorative panel mouldings, bells, knockers, door viewers (peep holes), German letter box (mail slot), and distinctive framings. An efficient accessory choice can definitely help your front entry door stand out and enhance not only its esthetics but also its practicality.

9. Hybrid Product.

A Canadian exterior door manufacturer has successfully mastered the art of designing hybrid entry door systems. This means two completely different design styles inside and outside. For example, a more traditional country look on the outside combined with a sleek contemporary look inside. Your wish can now become reality! Or, what if you want the sturdiness of an exterior steel entry door, yet would prefer the beautiful character of wood inside? This is also now possible. In short, your options are truly limitless and bound only by your imagination. When you don’t know what to choose, choose a hybrid door.

8. Size.

If space and volume allow for it, consider buying an oversized product. When done tastefully, it’s not only your entire front facade that benefits from it, but also your overall home value. Seek the help of a specialized manufacturer to create a spectacular door that will undoubtedly make a statement.

About us:
Portatec is a company specialized in creating superior quality entry door and door window systems.

7. Ease of Operation.

It’s well known, premium quality doors designed by specialized manufacturers operate exceptionally well. Opening and closing are carried out effortlessly, without any friction. Your guests will definitely notice your front door’s smooth performance, a clear indicator of a superior quality product.

6. Uniqueness.

You dream of an original one-of-a-kind entry door? You have a very clear and specific idea for your door, but such model doesn’t exist in the traditional “off-the-shelf” market? Then call upon door experts! Their team of designers will help you create your dream door, the one that you will meet exactly all of your needs. Dazzle your guests with an exceptional door.

5. Door Handle.

If there is one thing your friends and family will certainly manipulate during their visit, it’s your door handle! Impress them with a tubular or rectangular pull bar handle or an ultra-safe yet easy-to-operate multi-point handle set system. To ensure optimal performance, have it professionally installed by experts in the factory.

4. Type of Glass.

We are not talking about classic thermopane windows here, but rather stained glass windows, these coloured pieces of glass often assembled in a lead framework. Very few manufacturers these days still offer the option of inserting stained glass in a door window. Yet, this thousand-year-old art tradition has no equivalence when it comes to light fluctuations and decoration.

3. Colour.

It is commonly said that your entry door colour is a reflection of who you are. So what does your door say about you? Are you composed and subtle like gray? Optimistic and surprising like yellow? Energetic and nostalgic like red? Traditional and calm like blue? Or, rather chic and classic like black? Dare to be bold. Some specialized door and window manufacturers are even capable of creating customized colours based on a sample.

2. Material.

Why not be charmed, day after day, by a high-quality door material? Solid and sturdy, a 22- or 24-gauge galvanized steel door coated with an ultra-resistant paint exhibits a nice sleek and polished finish. Wood, with its character and unequalled richness, will always remain a coveted material. Durable and extremely resistant to shocks, fiberglass doors with a textured wood-grain finish that can be painted or stained distinguish themselves by their high level of refinement and sophistication. With all of these available options, do not hesitate to innovate and differentiate yourself from the generic bland doors sold in big box stores.

1. Look.

Finally, choosing adequately the right front door style for your house is vital. Contemporary or country? Classic or avant-garde? The architectural style of your entry door must absolutely fit with your house’s architecture. When building a new luxurious contemporary home, make sure to choose wisely: opt for a door manufacturer specialized in contemporary style designs. Do not let a common and insignificant door ruin your front facade. There must be concordance in both the looks and the quality.

In need of inspiration for your front entry door? Contact Portatec, a Canadian premium door and window manufacturer specializing in custom entry doors for the last 35 years.

Door specialist for more than 30 years:
Portatec is a specialized custom front door, window and superior ornemental door window manufacturer.