The ZEN Collection was specially designed to help quiet the mind and bring tranquility and serenity. Contemplate the minimalist and clean look of these embossed grooves.

Features: Interior doors featuring ¼-in. embossed grooves (lines carved into the surface), the number and positioning of the grooves varies according to models: ZEN-1, ZEN-2, ZEN-3 or ZEN-4.

Options: You may choose the same ZEN model for both sides of the door or only 1 side (the other side is then flush (PURE).

Colours: Factory-applied ultra-resistant industrial paint offered in 20 standard colours. Possibility also of choosing your own colour – you simply have to provide the name and colour code of the paint fabricant (Sico or Benjamin Moore Canada). The price is the same whether you opt for a standard or customized colour. The door frame may however be painted another colour, if desired.

Types of doors available:

• Solid-core (providing better durability and sound reduction)

• Hollow-core

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