Secure your door system

For a few years now, people have become more and more aware about security issues when replacing a door system. Therefore it is good to be informed that a lot of options are available to increase the security factor of a door system such as :

The security plate : A metal plate installed on the door frame in order to increase the resistance of the deadbolt of your door handle. This option is generally available for only a few dollars more.

22 Gauge steel door : The thickest steel skin available on the residential doors and windows market. Generally, manufacturers will mostly offer 24 or 26 gauge steel for their doors. In this case it is important to understand that in steel gauge, the LOWER the number is, the thicker the steel is. 22 gauge steel will provide you with a more shock-resistant door system.

And finally, when the time comes to choose a handleset for your door, be aware that it is also possible to equip a door with a Multi-point hardware : a 3-point locking system that will greatly improve the strenght and the stability of a door system.

To our knowledge, the Multi-point systems is one of the most secure system available in Canada. But it would seems that there is an even more secure system available somewhere as proven by this short video that I would like to share with you. I do not know if this system is available in North America but I think it may interest even the most paranoid among us…

12 locking points security door hardware

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