Staining techniques on fiberglass doors

Over the last few years, the fiberglass door has found it’s place on the market mostly because of its “wood grain” finish which when stained, imitates the look of a massive wood door.

Except that most door and window manufacturers which offers the fiberglass door do not offer the option of factory staining the product. Therefore be advised that you might end up having to do it yourself. According to fiberglass door manufacturers such as Masonite, it is perfectly feasible. They even published some documents covering the subject such as this one :

How to stain fiberglass entry systems

Fortunately for those of us less “adventurous”, manufacturers such as Portatec do offer a complete factory stain finish option for fiberglass doors with a wide choice of colors. In this area of expertise, Portatec as created a unique process combining : The application of a primer coat, a stain and then a clear polyurethane coat to increase protection of the finish. The result speaks for itself…

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