A wide variety of windows are now offered on the market to meet your home improvement and building needs. The two most popular window materials in Canada are PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and aluminium. Here is a brief overview of their respective features and benefits to help you determine which one is best for you.

Standard PVC Windows

More often than not the most economical option, PVC windows constitute a good reliable product, requiring minimal maintenance and providing excellent insulation; its esthetic value, however, sometimes leaves something to be desired. Although PVC is highly energy-efficient, thanks to its low heat transfer capacity, its general appearance and larger frames often seem to discredit it or tarnish its value. Yet, this very competitive product offers excellent value for money with regards to energy efficiency and maintenance for people with relatively simple fenestration needs.

Standard Aluminium Windows

Both refined and robust, aluminium windows are light yet ultra weather-resistant. Thinner but also sturdier, aluminium frames allow the creation of oversized windows and are often offered in a large selection of colours. For slick-looking windows that are easy to maintain, aluminium constitutes a very interesting option. However, you’ll typically pay more for these windows, which, by the way, also provide less insulation due to the material’s high thermal conductivity.

Still can’t choose? Then, how about getting the best of both! Indeed, nowadays, there is no need to only choose one material at the expense of the other. The perfect combination now exists: hybrid windows.

Hybrid PVC/aluminium windows (PVC inside and aluminium outside) effectively represent the best “compromise”… without really being one. Think about it: the elegant sturdiness of aluminium associated with the high energy- and cost-efficiency of PVC. These hybrid windows probably constitute the biggest bang for your buck, most definitely a win-win product.

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