When comes the time to change our windows, we usually consider several factors, from energy efficiency to cost and maintenance. Yet, choosing the perfect window model for our home is far from being a purely rational process. Often times, it’s rather their esthetic appearance – their appeal, their colour! –  which ultimately dictates our final choice.

Outside, our windows greatly contribute to their overall look of our home, as they alone can impart a unique personality and style. Meanwhile, inside, windows frame our surrounding landscape, inviting nature in. We want our windows to be beautiful and attractive, playing an integral part in the overall design yet complementing it at the same time.

This is exactly why specialized window manufacturers now offer a wide selection of window models to better meet your needs. Here are a few coveted material and model suggestions for the most inspired.

Aesthetic-Enhancing Window Materials

No need to dither on this subject: hybrid PVC/Aluminium and wood windows are the big winners when it comes to refinement and elegance.

Robust and watertight, PVC/Aluminium windows successfully combine the energetic performance of PVC and the durability of aluminium. Their superior high gloss finish and structural assembly give them an attractive yet sober architectural presence.

Another advantage of these windows is their high customization potential: typically available in a large selection of standard colours, some specialized manufacturers can even develop custom-made colours just for you! Darker colours, such as black and charcoal, generally provide a more contemporary style, while the colour white ensures a more classical look.

Although more traditional, wood windows haven’t lost – far from it! – any of their charm or pertinence. All species of wood (pine, cherry wood, oak, etc.) have a distinct character, that can be modulated according to the stain chosen. Their annual maintenance, however, disheartens you? Opt then for a clad wood window, with an interior natural wood frame and an exterior aluminium-clad frame. A successful marriage for the perfect look!

Window Models: Classical, Contemporary, or Country?

Your selection of window models is what really allows you to customize your home. For example, contemporary windows can breathe new life back into a tired mid-century bungalow, while classical windows with grilles beautifully embellish country homes. Remember: you must first define your home style in order to choose the right window models for you.

Main windows models or types:

1.       Sliding window (economical choice; slides sideways to open)

2.       Hung window (slides up or down to open)

3.       Casement window (highly esthetic vertical window; opens outward using a crank handle)

4.       Awning window (highly esthetic horizontal window; opens outward using a crank handle)

5.       Architectural window (geometric shape, often fixed)

6.       Bay-window or bow-window (projecting multi-panel window, enhances brightness and visibility)

7.       Cremone bolt window (opens inward, architectural heritage delight)

Before making your final choice, do not forget to check your town’s current window regulations: approval might be required for both the model and colour.

Finally, do not hesitate to rely on professionals to best select and install your new windows! Located on Montreal’s South Shore, Portatec is a recognized leader in the door and window industry, providing both high quality premium products as well as outstanding service.