Take care of your doors and windows before the winter season

With winter approching fast, it is possible to fell dafts of cool air coming from your doors and windows. According to the Energy Efficiency Agency, 60% of the annual energy expenses of your home are dedicated to heating costs, which easily represents at least 1000$ per year. A sustantial amount of money can be saved by performing simple actions which needs to be done before cold season.

The maintenance of your doors and PVC windows is relatively simple. These products will not require any painting, staining or preventive treatments. Cleaning them can be done with mild cleaning product (like dishwashing soap) mixed with water. Hinges can be lubricated with teflon based products or dry silicone.

Stell door hinges should be lubricated with grease once a year, during fall season, using this simple procedure : Remove the pin one hinge at a time, apply a thin layer of grease and put the pin back on. Repeat the procedure for each hinge.

Verify all door weatherstripping which could be damaged as well as all window sealing which could be dry, torn off, splitted or even completely gone.

Finally, it is recommended to remove all internal screens for the complete duration of the winter.

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