Your house is the first thing that you project to the face of the world. A wrong choice of color for your doors and windows will therefore produce an direct impact on your image in your neighborhood. We can create a strong and durable impression when choosing the right paint color. In order to help you start on the right foot in choosing a color for your door and window renovation project, here are some general advices on the subject :

  1. If  you feel uncomfortable regarding color choices, do not be afraid to ask for professional help on the subject. Many designers specializing in this particular field can offer consultations at a reasonable price.
  2. Keep in mind that regarding the choice of an exterior color, it is mostly all about context. Therefore, the color that you will end up choosing might not be the one you prefer but the one which is most in harmony with the other houses in your area. Like it or not, your house is a part of the urban scenery… Unless you live on a desert island…
  3. Try to do a preliminary test of a color on a piece of paper and expose it outside during different periods of the day. Exterior light changes during the couse of the day and can considerably alter the appearance of a color.
  4. For an entry door, consider going with a white door frame if you are thinking of choosing a neutral or rich color. This will give it a fresh and clean feel. We can also create some interesting contrasts by matching the color of the door frame with the windows while choosing a different color (mabye darker) for the door itself.
  5. For a house made of wood or stone, you could choose to go with a door with stained wood finish. Therefore, the front door will feel more integrated to the overall look of the house.
  6. To create a lighter contrast with a red brick wall, choose a shade of beige matching the brick mortar instead of going with white.
  7. Most of the better door and window manufacturers usually have a wide selection of colors to choose from. Be aware that even though none of them suits you, it is possible for some manufacturers to create a personnnalized color as per a supplied sample of your chosen color.