The strength of a steel door and the virtues of wood

For a long time, consumers had to choose between the beauty of a wood door and the strength of a steel door. Today, a few door and window manufacturers found a clever and efficient way to combine both materials. In fact, it is now possible to take a steel door and apply, on the interior surface as an example, a wood veneer which will play a first-rate aesthetic role.

The benefits of choosing a steel door instead of a massive wood door are considerables :

  • Isolation value between R-16 and R-20 for a steel door with wood veneer as opposed to R-8 for the most performant massive wood door.
  • A more solid structure (especially in regards to 22 gauge steel doors) more resistant to chocs and exposition to weather elements.
  • Better resistance against warping.

For a few years now, we noticed another popular trend rising from the market : The possibility to personalize our doors and windows. Manufacturers have to adjust to this new reality by offering a wider range of choices. In addition to a wood veneer applied on the inside surface of a door, you can now get the same wood veneer on the outside surface of the door or, even better, on both sides of the door : The Absolute wood veneer which will perfectly imitate the appearance of a solid wood door. Several wood species are available as well : Oak and pine remain among the most popular choices but other species such as birch, mahogany, cedar and cherrywood are also availables.

All wood doors and windows are having a hard time keeping their place on the market mainly because people do not have the time for their maintenance anymore (this would explain why hybrid products made of two different materials are becoming more popular). This time again, manufacturers have to adapt by offering maintenance-free products. As a result, people can now have access to an entirely factory stained and varnished wood veneer using ultra-resistant and waterproof polyurethane based products. A wide range of color choice can also be available for this feature as well.

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