Interior Door Warranty

Portatec is proud to offer a 5-year limited warranty; this warranty is a testament to the quality workmanship and materials used to manufacture our interior doors. This warranty only applies for normal household use of the product and does not cover any defects resulting from negligence, any incident causing damage, abnormal or commercial use.

This warranty is strictly subject to the terms and conditions stipulated thereafter which are an integral part thereof:

  • Portatec offers a 5-year limited warranty, effective as of the date of delivery, upon presentation of a proof of purchase, against all material or workmanship defects, providing the products were used for its intended purpose.
  • PORTATEC transfers to the purchaser the interior door manufacturer’s warranty (Masonite). As such, all Portatec doors are guaranteed 1 year against warping no more than 1/4″ (6 mm) as measured across the plane of the door.
  • Portatec guarantees for a 5-year period the original colour paint or stain against cracking, blistering, or scaling caused by normal use. This warranty does not cover gradual and uniform variations in colour which can occur due to excessive sun exposure. The use of thinners, solvents, powerful cleaners, or abrasives on the surface cancels completely this warranty.
  • Variation in the colour or texture, as well as the presence of resin, is an inherent characteristic of natural wood and is not considered a defect under the terms of this warranty.
  • Portatec guarantees for a 5-year period the adhesion of applied mouldings (Nobella Collection), as well as the adhesion of wood inserts (Revolution Collection and Passion Collection) and stainless steel strips.
  • Portatec guarantees for a 6-month period following the date of delivery against any problem in the functioning of hinges or door handles. Parts shall be replaced only if no abuse or improper installation is detected.
  • This warranty does not apply to defects caused by exposure to excessive humidity or condensation.
  • PORTATEC transfers to the purchaser the manufacturer’s warranty, if applicable, for all components supplied with the product.
  • This warranty does not cover defects resulting from improper installation.
  • Portatec offers several door sizes, which may vary +/- 3/16 inches.


Please be advised that this warranty is non-transferable if you resell the product. The original receipt of purchase shall be required for any claim made under the warranty.


Portatec shall not be held responsible for any warping or finish problems if the following recommendations are not followed:

  • Warping and swelling may occur, depending on the season and relative humidity, until the doors become conditioned to the humidity and temperature of the home or building.
  • Portatec interior doors must be delivered to the site after plaster, drywall or cement is completely dry.
  • Hollow-core doors can be more subject to warping than solid-core (soundproofing) doors.
  • Prior to installation, keep the doors away from direct sunlight and sources of extreme heat, cold or humidity.
  • When storing door slabs, keep the doors stacked horizontal and fully supported on the wood pallet, on a level surface. Do not lean the doors vertically against a wall or other structure.
  • Do not install a door in an area where humidity will be extreme, such as in a room that will be repainted or a room in which the concrete slab has recently been poured, or again, in a building located in a high humidity environment where temperature is not yet controlled.
  • For doors equipped with a door closer, Portatec does not recommend the use of stop blocks or wedges to maintain the door open. Their use could cause uneven pressure on the door, which could result in warping.
  • If a door is not properly installed as per Portatec’s procedures, there is a risk that it may be installed out of plumb (not level) and, consequently, appear warped.
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