Window installation advice in order to avoid condensation and ice formation problems

This week, I would like to share some really interesting information about the installation of new windows. This information was taken from a memo received from a manufacturer specializing in the production of PVC windows : Lajeunesse Windows.

During the course of performing some after sales service ajustments, they frequently encounter situations where they find condensation and ice formation on windows.

These situations are frequent when the window frame goes deeper outside than the actual house frame. People should be aware that there is a general principle stating that a window will perform a lot better if the sealed unit is positioned in the isolated part of the wall. It is even more true when sliding or hung windows are installed in a way that they stick out from the house wall. This could result in the draining holes being blocked by ice therefore preventing the evacuation of water created by the condensation phenomenon.

In conclusion, it is strongly recommended to always install a window in recess toward the interior (1/4’’ minimum) from the exterior wall. In addition, an isolation product (foam or mineral wool) should always be applied all around the window as well as on the whole depth of the wall.

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